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Nine things I wish I had before visiting New York City

New York City is one of the most popular destinations in the USA.  Tourists from all over the world visit NYC in the summer and winter holidays. The winters in NYC are breathtaking as it experiences the magic of snow and cold breeze. nine things I wish. Every year the city receives about sixty million tourists. That is quite a large number of people. Some are regular tourists, and some come here for the first time in their lives. The city has a lot to offer in terms of activities and good views hence you will need to prepare before you land in the magnificent city.

NYC has been a popular destination since the dawn of time due to what it offers to its tourists’, but it is one big city that is overpopulated. You may find yourself stuck in traffic, encountering some smells, sights, and sounds that are unusual to you. However, all is worth it to experience the big apple.

What comes next?

If you are planning a trip to NYC, then you should be prepared.  People often are left confused when packing for a trip there. “what to pack for NYC?” is a question asked too frequently by travelers. Many people complain they wish they had the below items before they travelled to NYC.  Hence we have come up with an exclusive packing list for you that will help you relax and pack all the necessary stuff that will be useful for you on the trip. nine things i wish. The New York City packing list includes the essentials and some must-have items, so you don’t experience any trouble on your journey.

Where to begin?


Every authentic packing list will start from the most essential items. Clothes and Toiletries are a must-have.

Before you start packing, always check the weather. The north experiences the extremes of all four seasons. So make sure you pack accordingly. Keep extra shirts and pants so that you can always fall back on the extra clothing items if you do not get time to wash your clothes. Add sanitary pads as you wouldn’t want to run to the local store to get these essentials. nine things i wish. Do not forget a fresh toothbrush and toothpaste and store them in a plastic bag, so they do not smudge. Add your eyewear products, like lens solution and glasses case. Add toiletries like deodorant, soap, face wash, shampoo, hair conditioner.


If you are planning to look your best, do not forget to add in your make-up. You can store your make-up in a make-up pouch that helps you to carry it around. Get a separate mini make-up pouch to keep your essential make-up like lipsticks so you can carry it  with you while you discover NYC and do a touch-up whenever required. Add in a moisturizer, a lip balm, and a hairbrush in the make-up pouch too.

Fur coat

NYC is a city that experiences all four seasons. There is a lot of tourist traffic in the winter season as the winters in NYC are exceptionally romantic. Hence, carrying a fur coat should be your top priority.  Fret not; if you do not own a fur coat, you can always get your hands on the latest Marc Kaufman’s fur coat collection that has the whole USA talking. You are lucky if you are in NYC around winter times, as you can step in Marc Kaufman’s store at any time and get assisted by fur experts that can help you get ready for the trip. Choose a coat that compliments your overall look and keeps you warm at the same time.

Sky Blue and Green Finnish Raccoon Collar

Sky Blue and Green Finnish Raccoon Collar 

– Chinchilla fur coat

If you are into a classical yet boogie look, Marc Kaufman’s chinchilla fur coats are your true calling. There is no fashion miscarriage with a fur coat. If you want to make memories and take pictures, rest assured you will look flawless in them.

Pink Chinchilla Horizontal Jacket 4838 
Pink Chinchilla Horizontal Jacket 4838

– Mink fur coat

Mink fur coats are everyone’s sweetheart. They are popular amongst people and are the top trending essential items for this season’s NYC packing list. However, if you do not own one already, nothing to worry about. At Marc Kaufman, there are the most trending mink fur coat articles you can find. Get yours now and enjoy your NYC trip in style.

Blue Iris Mink Coat Indigo Fox Fronts 64633
Blue Iris Mink Coat Indigo Fox Fronts 64633


A good camera is what you really need to invest in. You can check online for some good ideas, but you cannot only rely on your phone camera to take some amazing photos. Hence make sure you carry a good DSLR camera that will capture your stylish moments in your mink fur coat.

A tote bag

There will be days when carrying a day bag will not be enough; hence you will need an extra carry-on which will be annoying to carry. nine things i wish. For this purpose, a tote bag is perfect as it has a lot of capacity to carry the things you need throughout the day.

Cashmere poncho

Cashmere poncho is in style, and almost everyone in NYC rocks a poncho during the autumn and winter season. Get your hands on the latest one from Marc Kaufman’s collection. It will keep you warm and relaxed all day.

Gray Black White Cashmere Wool Fox Trim

Gray Black White Cashmere Wool Black Fox Trim 645354

Ear Muffs

If you are on your foot most of the time as you should be, you should know that winter in NYC can freeze your ears. So what is the solution? Invest in good Ear Muffs. Keep your ears protected in style

Brown Fox Fur Ear Muffs

Brown Fox Ear Muffs 3031


As we read above, protecting your ears and heads should prioritize avoiding falling sick during your journey. Get a fur headband and rock in style.

Black Fox Fur Hat

Black Fox Fur Hat 5214

Sneakers or any comfortable shoes

It would help if you pack comfortable shoes that allow you to walk for hours at a stretch. NYC is a huge city, and exploring it on foot is the best option you have. Get a pair of sneakers or any other comfortable shoes that allow you to be on your feet at all times.


We know you are excited about your NYC trip. Do not worry; we got you covered. Your trip cannot go wrong; hence, make sure you do not forget to pack these essential items for your trip. Happy traveling.