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Top Things to Keep if Yyou are visiting Switzerland

Have you become bored during the lockdown and now just what to pack your bags and leave the city and go as far as you can. Well, Switzerland is one of the best options you have. The weather and the views are breathtaking. Even someone who is not too fond of snow will begin to love the Swiss snow. Top things to keep in mind if you want to visit Switzerland. Top things to keep in mind. Switzerland is best known for its beauty and love for chocolate, and a trip there can turn into the best getaway you had in years.

If it’s your first time there, you will need some guidance to help you out with your travel plans. Traveling in Switzerland means that you will need to pack for different temperatures and terrains. This can include those urban walks everyone talks about to their famous alpine treks. The country has lots to offer in terms of its landscapes which are all-natural and man-made. Moreover, with the hustle and bustle of the cities and the vast mountains with their views- there is never a dull moment in Zurich’s streets.

We totally understand that once a city has too much to offer to its tourist, it becomes very confusing what exactly to add to your checklist, which will eventually go into your luggage. But do not fret; we are your travel guide in the palm of your hands, readily giving you some essential must-have items to carry when you are visiting Switzerland.

Word of caution

While you may be going for a long-haul trip, ensure that you have all the items that you need if you plan to go on some trekking over the mountains. Make sure you read up the weather news and stay up-breast on its latest developments; you wouldn’t want to find yourself in a difficult position abroad away from home.

Essentials for Travels

Convertible luggage

It becomes a very important task to make sure that you have the right luggage with you that helps you pack all your stuff in it. It must have the right capacity and the right depth in it so you can fit all your clothes and other essential items. Moreover, they need to be easy to carry. Hence having a luggage that has wheels on it should be your first choice as you can easily drive it around instead of carrying its weight in your hands. A luggage that can wrap your fur coats and fur accessorize well should be a priority too.

Cognac Shearling Jacket Fox Trim

Cognac Shearling Jacket Fox Trim

Travel wrap

Travel wraps are essential picks. It gets very cold at airports or airplanes, and you would need a wrap on yourself to feel cozy at all times.

Fur shawl

Are you heading to a country like Switzerland? The one thing is for sure that you will encounter a lot of snow and cold weather. Hence having a fur shawl or cape should be a must-have item in your hand, which you can wear once you start feeling cold. Moreover, these fur shawls come in all sizes and colors. So if you are concerned about looking weird with a simple wrap around your body, then a fur shawl is your best bet. You will look chic and fabulous while you relax at the airport or aircraft.

Gray Cashmere Cape Fox Trim

Gray Cashmere Cape Fox Trim

Eye masks and earplugs

As we all know, no long-haul flight is complete without these essentials. We really need to make sure that we have a good night’s sleep on an aircraft. Hence having eye masks to block the disruptive light and help us sleep is a must-have for sure. And earplugs are essential to cancel out the unwanted noise of some newborns crying on the aircraft.

Some fashion items to pack for your trip to Switzerland

Fur coat

One thing is for sure you will encounter a lot of snow and cold winds in Switzerland. Especially if you plan to go to the Alps, you will find the nature and mountains layered with ice. top things to keep in mind. Whatever season you go, it is usually a good idea to pack your fur coat with you. Make sure that you have a good quality fur coat that does not wither away while you are on your trip abroad. Marc Kaufman’s fur coat is the safest bet. They come in all sizes, designs, and colors. Moreover, the most popular fur designer offers a range of its best-seller collection to choose from. Mink coats, lynx coats, and chinchilla coats are the most fabulous coats you can wear up north.

Pink Chinchilla Horizontal Jacket 4838
Pink Chinchilla Horizontal Jacket

Fur ear muffs

When it gets super cold, make sure to protect your ears. Get your hands on the latest collection of Marc Kaufman’s ear muffs which you can carry with yourself if you are traveling outdoors in the snow. Ttop things to keep in mind. They are the best way to insulate your ears from the harsh and cold climate of Switzerland. The best news is; you will not feel out of style when you wear them. top things to keep in mind. top things to keep in mind. You will look chic in all the photos you will click on your trip. A good way to look your best in your photo albums

 Fur hats

Fur hats are the must-haves in your luggage. How else do you plan to protect your head from the harsh climate? Keeping your head warm and stylish should be the first thing you think about when planning for a trip to Switzerland. The hot Pink Fox Headband has been the talk of the town. If you are a pink lady, we suggest that you grab the latest Marc Kaufman’s fur Head collection before they get sold out completely. Don’t miss a chance to look gorgeous.

Hot Pink Fox Headband
Hot Pink Fox Headband


Are you planning a trip to Switzerland? Well, there is no trip to Switzerland if you don’t pack Marc Kaufman. We have the best winter collection that will help you look outstanding throughout your journey. It will help you in keeping you safe and warm. Have a look at our fur shawls.