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Peta Seeks To Prevent Minority Fur Coat Ownership

More Than Just An Attack Against Legitimate Business


Peta Challenges Minority Group Fur Ownership

Peta Preventing Minority Groups From Wearing Fur


Peta challenges minority groups fur ownership. It is true. The optics may focus on the assailing of legitimate fur manufacturing, but when you zoom out, whole demographics are affected. Peta has long been a fringe group bent on forcing self-imposed narratives on entire industries based on a pseudo morality of sorts. Peta has attacked, without pause, any and everyone who would manufacture, purchase, wear, or even think of acquiring a fur coat.

This overzealous false crusade affects African American and Hispanic American groups in particular. The recent resurgence of fur popularity is everywhere. Marginalized groups that now find themselves in a financial position to purchase a fur coat. African and Hispanic Americans find themselves directly in the crosshairs of Peta. Peta attack on politics, is seeking to challenge the fur ownership of minority groups in America.



Peta Marginalizes The African and Hispanic American Experience In America.


Peta Challenges Minority Group Fur Ownership

Peta Challenges Minority Group Fur Ownership


The African and Hispanic cultural experience in the United States has never been a textbook picture of total inclusion. Governmental policies and thought lines projected by the white majority have generally triggered marginalization of African Americans and Hispanic Americans. The socio-economic landscape has shifted somewhat over the last 60 years.

African and Hispanic Americans find themselves in an economic position where they can manage to purchase a few available items that were unobtainable to them before. Even with this new reality, the purchase of an expensive item must have a practical element to justify the investment. Fur coats are such an item.

For African and Hispanic Americans, fur coats were a desired item for warmth, practicality, and aesthetic appeal. The fur coat also represented an “arrival” of sorts economically. It meant that they were now able to own items that many of their white counterparts routinely purchased. Peta’s fringe activity to block the purchase of fur coats directly affects the African and Hispanic American communities. After centuries of economic exclusion, these groups again find themselves fighting fringe extremists for the privilege of owning a fur coat or fur-related product.


African and Hispanic American Fur Ownership: The Way Forward

Peta Seeks To Prevent Minority Fur Coat Ownership

Peta Seeks To Prevent Minority Fur Coat Ownership

The way forward for African and Hispanic American fur lovers should be an unobstructed one. There is no room for fringe zealots who impose self-prescribed solutions for consumer desires in America. African and Hispanic Americans have come a long way and have much further to travel, in realizing equal footing in all segments of the American socio-economic system of things.

The images of celebrated African Americans Beyoncé and Jay z arrayed in fur coats during the second inauguration of the first African American President, Barack Obama, is the stuff of iconic statements. “We have arrived,” in more ways than one. On the part of enthusiastic groups like Peta, flights of whimsey serve to hinder, not empower, African, and Hispanic fur ownership.

Targeting noted African Americans and Hispanic Americans for their penchant for wearing fur coats is unacceptable. There must be an overarching freedom of choice that applies to all, not just some.




Marc Kaufman Furs Defies Peta

Fur coats for all Marc Kaufman Furs

Fur coats for all Marc Kaufman Furs

The oldest furrier in America, Marc Kaufman Furs, has fought back against the extremes of PETA. Marc Kaufman Furs has serviced thousands of diverse fur loving clients around the world for nearly 150 years. The Kaufman’s qualitative fur craftsmanship and production capabilities make them second to none amongst furriers. Marc Kaufman Furs has a staunch client list of African and Hispanic Americans. They are the primary go-to furrier for many minority entertainers of world renown.

Marc Kaufman Furs has pushed back against cultural imbalance when it comes to the ownership of the fur coat. They service all without prejudice. This multi-generational group of furriers understands what equality means and lives according to the credo of “equality for all.” Marc Kaufman Furs will continue to service all peoples of the world regardless of ethnic, political, or religious predisposition. Visit the Marc Kaufman Furs flagship showroom at 212 West 30th Street, New York, New York, 10001. Shop their online sales store around the clock,365 days a year. Let Marc Kaufman Furs be your furrier of choice.

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