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Millennials Like The Real Fur Deal

Don’t Believe The Hype


It’s True, most millennials like real fur. Millennials are not staunch activists against related products.
This particular generation has a different set of fashion values. They like colorful and statement worthy fashion elements.
Millennials are into things that speak to them as individuals. There is a sense of balance and inclusion with this generation, for the most part.
There is also an overwhelming sense of independent thought that ripples throughout the rank and file of millennials.
Fashion applies to their choices in clothing as well. Many do not find real fur to be an issue worthy of consideration in a world fraught with more substantial concerns about the overall quality of life.



The Millennial Way


There are points where fashion elements take hold. As a result, this is especially true about the real fur coat. Many millennial’s see the furs as a real fashion statement. It’s almost as though the furs leapfrogged a generation. As a result a resurgence of the garment as a popular fashion accessory is evident in contemporary pop culture. It is everywhere. Famous entertainers and fashion bloggers have images of themselves adorned in fur everywhere on social media. It is truly a thing to behold. Fur garments eternal. Millennial’s are proving this.



Millennials Like Marc Kaufman

Cross Fox Fur Vest Hood

Magnificent Cross Fox Vest

Fur fashion. Nearly 150 years as a premier furrier guarantees recognition from all demographic groups. 

Marc Kaufman is the oldest furrier in the United States of America. The Kaufman’s have serviced thousands of fur clients globally. Millennials know all about Marc Kaufman magic. 

Burning Man to the red carpet, Marc Kaufman has fed the millennial appetite. Very few furriers can design and manufacture the eclectic style of fur coats sought by the millennial. Marc Kaufman Furs can and does.

Kaufman’s flagship store located at 212 West 30th Street, New York, New York,10017. Their online global sales store is available around the clock for all of your fur needs and desires. Seek out Marc Kaufman for your next garment. Millennial or other, Marc Kaufman has the real fur coats, best suited for you; yesterday, today and tomorrow.


Real Fur Coats Always Rule

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