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Sable Fur Coat Marc Kaufman Furs

Real fur coats always rule. The love of fur is becoming a universal reality. No matter how you parse the conversation pertaining to real fur vs. faux fur, real furs wins.
Real fur coats have an unmistakable lure. They are a high-end fashion accessory and ultimate finishing touch on just about any look you could imagine. From celebrity to rank and file citizen, real fur coats rule. They always will.


The Faux Argument

Real Fur Coats Rule

Real Fur Coats Rule

Real fur coats always rule. The argument for faux fur is misleading. While the few who promote the use of faux fur over real fur insist on the wisdom of doing so, the construction and use of faux fur is anything but wise. 

The synthetic nature of faux fur is anything but smart. Its very existence is harmful to the environment at large. It is not biodegradable, real fur is. 

The authentic feel and look of faux fur does not hold up against the natural texture of real fur. The contention that real fur is harvested from animals in an inhumane fashion has been debunked time and time. 

Overwhelmingly, fur farms are regulated for safety and humane treatment of the animals involved. Governments also govern the hunting of specific fur-bearing creatures utilized in fur production in association with ecological groups in many cases. The argument for faux fur over real fur does not hold up.


Marc Kaufman Furs: King Of The Real Fur Coat

Tyson Fury Fur London

Tyson Fury in a Chinchilla Stroller from Marc Kaufman Furs

Marc Kaufman Furs is one of the few global furriers of note. Backed by nearly 150 years of operational excellence, Marc Kaufman Furs has been one of the pack leaders for fur design and production.
The Kaufman’s have serviced thousands of fur lovers worldwide. They are generally the furrier of first resort for many.
No other furrier group precedes Marc Kaufman Furs in qualitative fur design and production. Their flagship store is located at 212 west 30th street, New York, New York,10001.
Marc Kaufman Furs online global store is ready to service your fur needs day and night 365 days a year. They only deal in real fur, by the way. That is a perfect thing.



Fur Coat Cultural Dissonance

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