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Hip Hop Flows Better With Furs

Fur Flow

50 Cent Marc Kaufman Furs Celebrity Furrier

50 Cent Marc Kaufman Furs Celebrity Furrier

Hip Hop furs is a union that makes sense. It is sensible that an art form that produces dynastic camps of musical influence anoint themselves as kings and queens worthy of adorning the cloth of kings and queens; Fur. The magnificence of fur coats is a visual draw for most. Hip Hop culture incorporates many things that have been absorbed wholly into the overall American cultural landscape. Gold, platinum, exotic cars, and other expensive, high-end trappings punctuate the “spoils of war” that resonate with a large segment of Hip Hop craftsperson’s. Fur is a fashion accessory that trends at the top of that list.


Get In Where You Fit In

Snoop Dogg Cat Lynx Fur Jacket White Fox Hoodie

Snoop Dogg Cat Lynx Fur Jacket White Fox Hoodie Marc Kaufman Furs

The fit is everything in life, Whether it is a fur coat, a group, or anything else. With hip hop culture, fit is critical in all things. The look, the sound, the stage presence, the logo, and vibe are all about the fit in hip hop. Not everything is for everyone. Fur coats are the pinnacle outerwear, finishing looks for a large segment of rap artists. Male and female rap artists see the fur coat mostly in the same vein as having “made it.” Better yet, the fur coat swag makes one “doper than thou.” Snoop Dogg, Rick Ross, Puff Daddy, Lil Kim, Queen Latifah, and many more have arrayed themselves in fur prominence. It’s always about the fit.


Marc Kaufman Furs Aligns With Hip Hop

50 Cent Marc Kaufman Furs Celebrity Furrier

50 Cent Marc Kaufman Furs Celebrity Furrier

Marc Kaufman Furs aligned with music for decades. Major hip hop artists of all sorts have come to Marc Kaufman Furs for their fur needs. Marc Kaufman Furs has serviced the hip hop community prominently. They have provided furs for all things hip hop/rap. Marc Kaufman Furs has been the rap artist go-to for decades from videos to photoshoots to movies. Contact Marc Kaufman Furs via their online store at https://kaufmanfurs.com. Visit their flagship store at 212 west 30th street, New York, New York,10001. Marc Kaufman Furs is the furrier for all of your fur needs.

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