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Fur Storage and Fur Cleaning

Springtime Means Fur Maintenance

Fur Storage Fur Cleaning

Marc Kaufman Fur Storage and Fur Cleaning

Spring fur storage and fur cleaning is upon us. The maintenance of your beloved fur essentials is essential in the warm months of the year. There are still many fur owners who are not conscious of the need for fur coat cold storage and fur cleaning.

The substantial utilization of your fur garments in the cold months of winter necessitates a thorough cleanup in spring. This should be followed by having your furs stored away in a cold storage facility during the year’s warm/hot months.



The Fur Cleaning process

Fur Cleaning Experts Julio Cisneros Marc Kaufman Furs

Expert Fur Cleaning Marc Kaufman Furs

Fur coat cleanings should be executed by fur experts(furriers), not a regular dry cleaning service. Fur is a very involved process that requires knowledge of the fur pelts and their condition. There are a few options a skilled furrier would utilize to clean a fur coat. This is dependent, again, on the health and type of fur the jacket is constructed from. You have to be careful when selecting a furrier to clean your fur essentials.


Biodegradable Fur Cleaning Solutions

Biodegradable Fur Cleaning Solutions

Cold Storage


Cold storage is necessary to preserve the life of your fur coat or fur accessory. The warm months of the year serve to damage the skins(fur) of the fur coat. Warm temperatures dry out the fur skins.

Not cold storing your fur, subsequently makes the fur skin brittle and hard. This leads to ripping and tearing of the fur coat.

As a general rule, you should store your fur coats in a facility that is a constant temperature range below 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Humidity should range between 45 and 55 percent.


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Marc Kaufman Furs Fur Cleaning Fur Cold Storage

Marc Kaufman Furs has provided fur cleaning and fur cold storage for nearly 150 years. Kaufman’s are the oldest furrier in the United States of America. They have serviced thousands of fur clients in need of fur coat cleaning and cold storage.

We offer fur coat picked up and delivery service.

The one time cost for the calendar year will be 45 dollars if you drop off the coat yourself at their flagship location in New York City. Again, this small cost would cover cold storage for your coat from the time of drop off through to December 31st of that year.

Fur cleanings start at 55 dollars for all fur that is not shearling. Shearling coats cleaned for a cost starting at 80 dollars. Visit Marc Kaufman Furs at their flagship location at 212 west 30th street, New York, New York,10001.

You may also refer to their online store for 24 hour service 365 days a year. Always utilize the best furrier for your prized fur possessions. Marc Kaufman Furs is the furrier of choice….always.

According to a Fur Vault representative in Macy’s Fur Department and Bloomingdales no longer are servicing fur storage, cleaning and repairs

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Fur Storage Fur Cleaning