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Purchasing A Fur Coat

Purchasing a quality fur coat your first time in will take a little research

Black Fox Fur Jacket

Black Fox Fur Jacket Marc Kaufman Furs

Thinking About Buying a Fur

Purchasing a fur coat requires an economic and THOUGHT investment.
When thinking of investing in a fur coat, think in terms of knowledge, length of time in the business.
Many of these factors you can research via online reviews and company histories. Still, an in-person visit may be the deciding factor as to whom to begin your first fur purchase journey.


Chinchilla Fur Jacket with Bell Sleeves Marc Kaufman Furs

Chinchilla Fur Jacket with Bell Sleeves Marc Kaufman Furs

Types of Fur

Many types of furs are available. Mink fur, brown furs, lynx fur, chinchilla, fox fur, mouton fur, and more are some fur options.
The type of fur you choose should depend not only on your taste but also on wearability.
Furs run a gambit of designs and stylings. You need to consider the practical side of your first fur as well as the look of it.

You will need a seasoned furrier to assist you in navigating the waters of your first fur coat Purchase. Marc Kaufman Furs is that furrier.

Sculptured Lazor Cut Blue Dyed Mink Fur Blue Dyed Silver Fox Trim Cape With Hood

Sculptured Lazer Cut Blue Dyed Mink Fur Blue Dyed Silver Fox Trim Cape With Hood Marc Kaufman Furs



Marc Kaufman Furs has been in existence for nearly 150 years. Five generations of talented and insightful trend-setting Kaufman’s. Marc Kaufman Furs has serviced thousands of clients over three centuries of fur design and production.

Marc Kaufman Furs has maintained everyone from the political and celebrity elite to rank and file global citizenry. Their understanding and quality-driven approach to fur production and style affords them premiere status amongst furriers.

Two Toned Mink Fur Jacket

Two Toned Mink Fur Jacket


Purchasing a fur coat can be an emotional and time-consuming undertaking for sure. The cost of such an investment should be approached with research in mind first.

Give yourself the best possible chance of purchasing not only the fur coat you want but one that meets practicality and wearability standards as well.

Furrier since 1870

Marc Kaufman Furs is your furrier of choice, no question. Experience and quality, coupled with superior knowledge and excellent customer care and service, Marc Kaufman Furs, stands above the rest.
Visit the Marc Kaufman Furs global online store for a full review of the

Marc Kaufman Furs are ever-evolving fur coat and fur accessory inventory. Better yet, drop into their flagship store at 212 west 30th street New York, New York, in the heart of midtown Manhattan. Purchasing a fur coat just got easier with Marc Kaufman Furs.

Marc Kaufman Furs

Marc Kaufman Furs