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Fur Coat Transformation

Rebirth Your Fur Coat


The Fur coat remodel a little known alternative to most fur coat owners. The general belief is to clean and cold-storage the garment in warm months to preserve the fur’s life. While this is true(and advised), there is another path less traveled;the fur coat remodel. A remodel allows you to preserve the life of your fur coat(in most cases) and transform it into a contemporary, stylish piece of outerwear. The possibilities are endless when considering a remodel of your cherished fur coat.


Fur: A Reusable Commodity


Fur is a pliable organic material. The ability of furs to stretch and reconfigure is a fantastic attribute.

If a fur coat has been reasonably maintained( cleaned, glazed, placed in cold storage during warm months of nonuse), it can be literally “made over” a decade or two later.

In quite a few cases, several decades of fur coats can be remodeled into different outerwear looks or related fur products (hat, scarf, gloves, carpet, stuffed animals, etc.).

The most common request is to remake an existing fur coat into a different fur coat style. A long fur coat can be made shorter.

Remodel a straight, full-length fur coat into a swing stroller. A fur jacket or fur coat can transform into a fur vest. The possibilities abound.


The Many Faces Of Fur


There are several ways to repurpose fur coats. Most fur coat owners are pleasantly surprised to discover that they have creative options beyond recycling their cherished fur coats into another fur coat style. Depending on what the client is looking for and the overall condition of the fur coat in question, a rug/carpet, scarf, hat, or even a stuffed animal may be a possible end product of the remodel.






Marc Kaufman Furs: Fur Coat Remodel Impresario


Knowing who to go to for your fur remodel is the entire ball game. The fur remodel requires true artisans experienced in the art of fur coat construction.

Fur remodels require the knowledge of development, but also design. Not all furriers have both skill sets.
In most cases, it is one or the other. The rare qualitative few possess both skill sets.

Marc Kaufman Furs is one of the primary furriers in existence. With 150 years of fur coat remodel experience

They have serviced thousands of fur lovers for three centuries.

Their client bases stretch into the thousands. Several of these customers become generational clients. Marc Kaufman Furs has the expertise and experience to assess your fur coat and determine your remodel options.

Marc Kaufman Furs remains a leader in the fur industry as a whole. Their global online store is second to none. They maintain a flagship free standing store in New York City close to the world-renowned Herald Square shopping center. Their address is 212 west 30th street, New York, New York 10017.

Give your fur coat a second look and a second rebirth—Shop Marc Kaufman Furs for all of your fur related needs.