Silver Fox Fur Vest 88992



Detroit,Michigan has become one of the newest hotspots for tech industry millennials in America. I should know,I am one of them. I moved here from Virginia Beach, Virginia one year ago. I brought with me a deft, high tech skill set,my ambition and my fashionista wardrobe that includes a silver fox fur vest from Marc Kaufman Furs. I was recruited by a start up populated with like-minded,earth movers. My career path has widened and my progress has been explosive. I found my niche in terms of my profession and socially (thanks to my winning personality and unique fashion sense). My silver fox vest is the accent that sets me apart from all others. Whether I am tearing up the dance floor doing the lindy at Rosie O’Grady’s

or chowing down at Chubby Duck with my techie compatriots, my silver fox fur vest is my wing man.

“If you do what you”ve always done,you will get what you’ve always gotten”- Tony Robbins

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