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The Benefits of Wearing Real Fur Headbands and Hats

Real fur headbands and hats are made the skins of furry animals. They are one of the ancient clothing types and were initially used by hominids that arose from Africa. Fur hats and headbands have been around for centuries now. They help people keep their heads warm in extreme winter conditions. It is because the human body loses the majority of the heat through the head. So, it is essential to keep your heads covered in areas that face severe winters. Real fur hats are better to maintain body heat as compared to hats made from any other material. The benefits of wearing real fur, Thus, it is why real fur hats and headbands are very popular among those who live in extremely cold climates. Below is a picture of a headband from Marc Kaufman.

Crystal Fox Fur Headband

Crystal Fox Fur Headband 0133

Image alt text: A woman wears a crystal fox fur headband

In addition, real fur headbands and hats are some of the best fur accessories you can wear in the winter season. They give you the perfect classical urban look. Moreover, people wear fur headbands over their heads or around the front to put their hair from the face. Headbands come in a standard size consisting of an elastic loop around them that can fit anyone. They are flexible and come in a horseshoe shape. They add a stylish look to your outfit and can give you a classy touch wherever you wear them.

Furthermore, fur headbands and fur hats usually cover your head as well as your ears to keep them warm. So, it makes them a perfect fit for cold weather conditions. You wouldn’t have to worry about heat leaving your head, and it will keep you nice and comfortable.

Crystal Fox Fur Hat 5212

Image alt text: A woman wears a crystal fox hat to keep herself warm and comfortable

The Process of Producing Real Fur Headbands and Hats

Trading of real fur takes place worldwide. Initially, the people of North America and Russia used real fur for trading and clothing purposes. Nowadays, most ladies have matching hats and headbands to pair with different outfits. However, back in the 90s era, there was no such variety; instead, there were only a handful of fur hats and headbands’ designs. They included mutation fur, lamb fur, mink fur, and beaver fur. Therefore, fur accessories are made by gathering different pelts of animals. The furriers then process these pelts through different chemicals like aluminum salts, soda ash, table salts, sawdust, and acids. So, the furriers use these chemicals based on the type of fur. This chemical treatment is called ‘carrot’ because it turns the fur tips into an orange color, just like a carrot.

Create a Chic Look with Real Fur Hats and Headbands

A classy hairpiece can completely change your entire look. It can revamp your outfit and bring out a different personality. There is no doubt that a women’s hairpiece plays a vital role in jazzing the entire look. The use of fur hats and headbands are on the rise. However, you might think that they are the basics from the 1990s, but recently, people have started adopting this trend and re-installed the retro accessories. Adding a headpiece to your look is the easiest and quickest way of adding class and spunk to your entire outfit. Below is an example of how you can create a chic look through fur hats.

The Benefits of Wearing Real Fur

Emerald Green Fox Headband 0126

Image alt text: A woman wears an elegant emerald green fox headband

Perks of Wearing Real Fur Headbands and Hats

Real fur hats and headbands come with a lot of benefits. Below we have shortlisted some of them for you:

  • Real fur headpieces are incredibly warm

People purchase these fur headpieces from reputable and renowned places to add style to their looks. But, the best thing is they provide warmth to the person wearing them. Other materials like wool or leather often make the accessory bulky and heavy instead of giving warmth and comfort. Animal pelts are comparatively very light in weight and provide warmth more than any other material.

  • They are highly comfortable

There are no winter fabrics that can be more comfortable than real fur headbands and hats. It is because the manufacturers make them from real animal pelts. In places that have a severe climate, people cannot spend an extended period of time outdoors. However, if you have enough winter protection like fur hats, headbands, fur coats, etc., you can stay out for longer hours. The animal fleece is luxuriously rich, but it isn’t bulky at all. Whether it’s a hat, a coat, a headband, or a scarf, you will never feel like you’re wearing something extra. In fact, it gives you enough warmth and stylish at the same time. Therefore, the wearer enjoys comfort and a royal look with fur garments and accessories.

  • They are perfectly fashionable

Picking winter clothing is not always about choosing accessories that will keep you warm and comfortable. Instead, most people buy garments made of real animal fur because they want to look stylish, glamorous, and fashionable. It doesn’t matter what you’re purchasing; it should be stylish and long-lasting. You should be able to wear it for years. Therefore, if you store it properly and take enough care, you can even pass it to future generations. Below is a picture that shows how they can be fashionable in every aspect:

The Benefits of Wearing Real Fur

Black Fox Fur Bubble Hat 5211

Image alt text: A woman looks incredibly stylish as she wears a black fox bubble hat

  • They are a timeless appeal

The world of fashion keeps evolving with time. It keeps changing. Every fashion of today differs from how it was a couple of years back. However, fur fashion is timeless. It was there back in the 90s, and it’s still here even after decades. Fur has maintained its appeal for centuries now. So, if you’re planning to invest in something made of fur, it can prove to be your long-term investment. Hence, you wouldn’t have to worry about buying things made from animal pelts, as no one will be able to call you old-fashioned.

  • They are responsible for sourcing

Every garment that is made with real fur is handcrafted. They are incredibly high in quality in terms of animal pelts and natural dyes. The furriers make sure that they source the animal pelts from procurers that follow ethical standards. Besides, you can further ask for full traceability of the raw materials from the representatives to ensure where they came from.

  • They are environmentally friendly

The real fur made from animal pelts is eco-friendly. They can stay intact if you store them properly compared to faux fur that is synthetic and non-biodegradable. Furriers often suggest their customers not to throw away their old, worn-out fur garments. Instead, they can recycle or remodel them into something different. Or you can donate them for a good cause.

  • They come in a universal size

Fur hats and headbands come in one size that can fit everyone. It comes with an interchangeable elastic around it. Therefore, you can wear it comfortably with minimum stress around your head or hair. You can easily remove the elastic band, allowing you to adjust it according to your hairstyle and hair texture. Hence, it gives you the utmost comfort.


To sum it up, real fur is the best garment that can keep you warm in extreme winter conditions.  Most people wear real fur coats to get the warmth in the wintertime. However, we have other options that you can wear to keep you warm. These include fur hats, headbands, and earmuffs. They are perfect for giving you the warmth, comfort, and look that you desire. To get various fur accessories in different designs, visit our website and consult us regarding your choices.

We, at Marc Kaufman, provide different styles of fur coats and fur accessories in premium quality according to the international standards of animal rights. We make sure our customers are satisfied. Our furriers offer remodeling and repairing services to our valued customers to fix their fur coats as per their requirements. Visit our website to find out more about us.