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Steps to take care of your real fur scarves

Are you scared of ruining the real fur scarves that you own? Do you wear them every winter to keep yourself warm and cozy? Steps to take care of your real fur Scarves. have you ever thought about cleaning them on your own, but you didn’t because you were anxious that you might damage them? If you want to know about how to take care of your real fur scarves, this article will help you with it.

Taking care of real fur scarves requires detailed attention. A little mismanagement might ruin your expensive fur scarves. The process of cleaning requires accuracy in time as well as in task. The traditional methods of repairing and cleaning the costumes do not go well when treating the real fur.

We would recommend you seek a professional furrier’s help who knows about treating real furs because cleaning or repairing furs takes a lot of time and effort. Even small damage can pave the way for bigger problems, so it is better not to risk your real fur scarf to save some pennies.

Quality fur repair NYC

Image alt text: A professional furrier is repairing a fur item

The professional furriers use proper tools with precision during the process of fur repairing and cleaning. A furrier will treat the threadwork of scarves and will start to work from the inside to avoid any external display of repairment. Visit our website hire a professional furrier to treat your fur coat.Quality fur repair NYC

How to Take Care of Your Fur Scarves

One of the reasons for taking care of your fur scarves is that animals’ furs tend to desiccate, and in case of not cleaning them properly, it absorbs dust and other odors that ruin the look of your real fur. Cleaning furs is essential, and you should do it every year before packing it for your next winters. By doing this, the look and shine of your fur scarves will never fade away. If you plan to take care of your real fur scarves yourself, you must follow the steps mentioned below.

Protect the Furs from Dust

The fur and dust is not a good combination. It absorbs dust rapidly. Using a cotton bag to store your fur scarf is ideal. You can protect them from dust by keeping them in a cotton bag, and air circulation will not stop either.

Black Shearling Jacket Silver Fox Hood

Black Shearling Jacket Silver Fox Hood

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Hanging Furs
Carrying your fur in a breathable garment is the best way not to ruin its quality. Many of us fold our fur scarves in a plastic bag, isolating the furs from getting in contact with air. Plastic bags are a big no when it comes to sustaining the quality of your fur. Hang your fur scarf in a padded hanger so that it does not lose its shape.

Fur storage

Fur storage

Image alt text: Marc Kaufman stores a number of fur coats of customers

Prevent Exposure to Light

Preventing your fur scarves from exposure to sunlight is one of the most important things to do. Sunlight disturbs the whole look of fur scarves. If you are walking down the streets in the daytime, it is fine, but if you are not using your fur scarves, then do not hang them anywhere near the direct sunlight. It is always recommended to place them in a dark place because the less the sunlight, the better it is for your fur storage scarves.

Canadian Lynx Coat

Canadian Lynx Coat 

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Brushing Your Fur

Brushing your fur scarves helps you removing the dust particle from them. However, do not brush them with an ordinary brush. The fur brush is not a conventional brush. People buy it specifically for treating their furry costumes. If you plan to take care of your fur on your own, a fur brush helps you in removing out the dirt and debris from your scarves. In case of trouble in cleaning your fur scarves, visit our website and seek professional assistance.

Prevent from Jewelry
It will help if you prevent your fur scarves from jewelry and other kinds of things like brooch or pin that you think may cling to your fur scarves. It will destroy the look of your whole scarf. Also, avoid wearing shoulder bags consistently because they will wear away your furs from the shoulder area, leaving them bald.

Avoid Friction on FursWhile you are wearing fur costumes, avoid sliding on the seat or apply any force against it. Friction will damage the furs from that particular spot, making them bald. It will destroy the whole look of your scarf.

Protection from Matting

You have to protect your fur scarves from makeup and body oil by wearing them around the neck under the coat. Do not use hair spray or perfumes on your fur scarves because they will dry the fur. Steps to take care of your real fur Scarves. Oil in any of the products may cause a weird odor in your scarf that will stay for a longer time, which will be hard for you to remove.

Cold Fur Storage

Cold Fur Storage

Image alt text: Fur coats stored at Marc Kaufman’s fur

Eliminate the Moist

If your fur scarf gets in contact with water or snow, dry it as soon as possible. Otherwise, the moisture will destroy the quality of the fur. Hang them in a ventilated, shadowed place, away from the direct sunlight, and let them dry for a significant time period. Avoid combing or brushing your fur scarves during this period because the furs may come off. You can use your hands to set the fur. Avoid using blow dryers, ironing, cloth dryer, or anything like that on your fur scarves to remove the moist.

If your fur scarf is fully soaked in the water and water is dripping out of it consistently, take it to professional cleaners, or you will have to face severe consequences, like losing the shape of your scarf or shrinking of the furs.

Avoid Mothballs for Smell

Keep moths and other creepy crawlies from harming your jacket by hanging or setting lavender sachets in the extra room. Avoid using mothballs as they have a strong smell that will infiltrate your fur scarves. It will get tougher for you to get rid of the smell of mothballs.

Stop Cleaning or Treating Your Fur Scarves If

  • You spot a difference between the washed/rubbed area of fur than the rest of the fabric.
  • Water or fabric produces unusual stain or yellow-ish colors during the cleaning process.


Fur scarves need special care to last longer. If you take care of your fur scarves properly, they can last for up to 50 years or so. But if you fail to do so, they will be damaged in a short span of time. Fur scarves cannot tolerate your harsh treatment towards them, and you need to be very gentle while storing them. The fur garment keeps you warm and comfy, but these furs are better kept away from direct sunlight.

We are emphasizing it because direct sunlight will dry out the furs that will totally ruin the look of your fur scarf. The sunlight also leaves patches and unusual spots and discoloration on the furs, so the fur scarves are best under the dark area. Also, avoid leaving your fur scarves out if you are not wearing them, especially during the summers.

If you have any queries regarding the storage and maintenance of fur scarves, contact us now.