OK, winter is done.The chill in the air has transformed into a lithe breeze.The nimbostratus and alto clouds(snow bearing) have given way to cumulus clouds(rain bearing).Spring has come calling as the winter falls away. So, here we are. Just us and our fur coats.What is a fur lover to do given this climatic transformation? The warmth provided by our wondrous furs is no longer needed for the next six months.We will probably shift outerwear gears and opt for lighter weight jackets appropriate for the milder temperatures before us. Again,what of our wondrous heat bearing,glamorous furs?


Here at Marc Kaufman we not only connect you with the fur of your choice, but also to provide care and maintenance information to aide you in the protection of your fur coats and fur jackets. The closet would not be the appropriate storage vehicle for your valuable furs. Heat s an enemy of the fur coat, not a protector. Closed in spaces that are humid and devoid of cool air damage and destroy your beloved fur(s). Fur coats need a “big chill” environment. Enter the new cold fur storage facility.

SP112695- - DELIVER TO:floridian- -11/01/2000- -st. pete- -CAPTION INFO: 3) One of the three refrigerated fur vaults at Florida Fur Cold Storage. The vaults are kept at 38 degrees with 54 percent humidity at all times. Their capacity is 15,000 garments, but presently, there are 5500 garments in storage. - -Times Photo by:CHERIE DIEZ- -Story By:Lane DeGregory- -SCANNED BY:- - RUN DATE:

Marc Kaufman Furs  provides a facility where your valuable fur coats can be cold stored and protected in a continually cool environment devoid of heat and humidity. It is extremely affordable and covers the entire six month period when your fur will not be needed. You can elect to drop of your fur or have it picked up by us for a slightly higher charge. Marc Kaufman Furs provides a safe haven where your cherished fur(s) are free to “hang out”.



Feel free to contact us at KaufmanFursOnline , Facebook , or Instagram for more information regarding our extremely affordable fur cold storage facility. You will be glad you did. Fur Lovers unite!

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