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8 reasons why you should be wearing real fur

The trend of real fur coats is crawling its way back to the fashion industry and designer boutiques. Consumers understand their importance, quality, worthiness, and value of using real fur coats. 8 reasons why you should be wearing real fur.

Many people shy away from wearing real fur coats because of the fear of the negative comments they will receive. However, wearing real fur can be beneficial in many ways. But before that, let’s talk about the reason why real fur should be allowed. You might have multiple questions regarding this controversial topic. Many people think it’s an ethical dilemma. However, some people support the use of animals for real fur. The latter group of people believes if animals are well-treated, not in danger of being extinct, not wasted, and put to good use, then it is acceptable to use and consume animals.

The process of nature further justifies the use of animals. Humans survive on animals. You can’t deny that animals are an integral part of your life and linked to the essentials we use every day.

Firstly, animals are widely used for medical testing to find cures for life-threatening diseases. Secondly, animals are also a part of our food consumption. Some people question the need to consume animals over vegetables. You will find plenty of evidence proving the use of animals does not harm the planet. Not all land available is suited for cultivation. Without animals’ by-products, such as eggs, milk, cheese, and butter, the survival of humans would not have been possible in many places. Every process has a chain reaction; therefore, reducing the use of animals can affect farmers. The farmers will not have enough income to survive. And lastly, the use of many animals’ products we wear, to protect ourselves from extreme weather and as a fashion element.

This proves that the use of animals is ethical and a part of nature that runs the world’s cycle.

Benefits of Real fur

There are many benefits of choosing real fur over man-made materials. Once you understand the benefits they provide and the industry’s nature, you will realize that real fur is one of the best options available in the market.

We have compiled eight significant reasons why you should be wearing real fur.

  1. Source of Warmth

Warmth is one of the primary reasons that people prefer to use real fur over man-made material winter coats. There are various types of man-made material winter coats available such as windbreakers, Denim jackets, and faux leather coats. But the warmth that a real fur coat provides is incomparable.

If you think about it, the fur on the animals is a blessing that allows them to survive the harshest of weather and temperatures. For humans to attain the same level of warmth, one will have to wear layers of artificial materials to survive. Hence, the use of just one layer of real fur will provide incomparable warmth without having to bank on a bulkier outfit.

Moreover, real fur allows your body to breathe while keeping your body comfortable and cozy, no matter the weather.

  1. Timeless Fashion Accessory

Fashion trends are erratic, which might change year to year. Investing in coats every year can be expensive, and no one wants to be stared at with an old-style coat at a party. Instead, if you want to be a head-turner, you can only achieve it by purchasing real fur coats.

The magic of real fur is that it never goes out of style. It’s the seductive beauty of real fur that has a firmer grasp on the fashion imagination. Even if you wear a fur coat that you purchased two to three years ago, it will still provide you the same warmth and glamour. It is something that faux fur coats cannot provide.

  1. The Fashionable Option

Real fur coats are the most fashionable clothing you will find in stores. There are many options for real fur coats that have their unique quality. Real fur coats can be utilized for any occasion such as grocery runs, lunches, evening out with friends, date nights, or even family gatherings. The multiple choices of real fur coats available can cover all. Moreover, you can use the same coats for multiple events. It is all about styling and accessorizing them. For example, the shearling coat can be used for an office lunch by styling it with jeans and for a date night by pairing it up with a knee-length skirt. If you want to buy a real fur coat, please visit our website for various options.

Shearling Coat

Shearling Coat

Image alt text: Woman wearing a shearling coat by Marc Kaufman

  1. Eco-Friendly

The most important reason to wear real fur is that they are eco-friendly. Animals are a renewable resource that will never run out following appropriate steps taken to protect the species. Animal furs are known to be exemplary because it is sustainable use of a renewable resource. Animal furs are renewable as they are composed of biodegradable elements that degrade slowly without harming the environment.

On the other hand, faux furs are made of petroleum-based products, which cause wastage of resources. The petroleum compound is difficult to extract, transport, and process. Additionally, it is not biodegradable and inflicts damage to water resources and living things.

  1. Durability

You might have to replace your winter coats more often, but real fur coats can last longer. You might find fur coats in your grandmothers’ cupboard, which look fresh as new. Due to their resilience and long-lasting qualities, fur coats can be recycled, restyled, and repurposed time and again. However, fur coats need proper care to last longer.

  1. Comfort

Real fur coats and accessories are incredibly soft, sensual, and don’t feel heavy or bulky. The new techniques used with real furs have made them even lighter in weight and versatile. Real fur coats provide unmatched coziness indoors as well as outdoors.

Sapphire Mink Stroller

Sapphire Mink Stroller

Image alt text: Woman wearing the most comfortable and warm Mink Stroller coat

  1. Safest Option

Real fur is also the safest option you can choose to stay warm and comfortable in wintertime. Recent studies have discovered that synthetic fibers increase the likelihood of cancer, respiratory issues, and infertility. Hence, the safest option for winter clothing is none other than real fur.

  1. Shedding

It is the process in which hair from your fur coat starts falling. Shedding can result from a lack of adhesives; the fur cannot glue all its hairs and slowly starts to fall off. Another reason is that synthetic is not resistant to regular wear and tear. Therefore, man-made faux furs are more prone to shedding. Faux furs purchased from reputable brands can also result in shedding and put you in an embarrassing situation.

Real fur coats do not shed and are strong and tough. However, it would be best to take some responsibility for your real fur coats to last longer.

Final thought

These are the eight reasons why you should be wearing real fur coats. However, in the end, the decision is yours. Some might want to make such an investment because of its luxurious feel and glamourous look. In contrast, others will not be sure if they want to invest.

Since real fur has never disappointed anyone, you might want to consider the reasons above and make an informed decision.

We, at Marc Kaufman, have a variety of options for both men and women. You will find unique coats such as fox fur coats, mink coats, custom shearling coats, rex rabbit fur coats, and many more. Not only coats, but we also have capes, jackets, and accessories made of real fur. To invest in a perfect coat this winter, please feel free to contact us.