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The Incredible Fur Coats That Every Woman Should Own

It will be time to come out of those skimpy bikini’s you were rocking your body in and prepare yourself for sweater weather in a few months. You may be sad to put those back in your closets, but perhaps all you need is a little reminder about winter fashion. Some say that winter fashion is a lot better than summer fashion. It’s easy to pull off a classy yet chic look. There are fancier options, and you can wrap yourself with some beautiful fur.


What is hot this winter season?

This year is all about looking your best in winters. Sometimes it’s hard to pick a good winter wardrobe, but we are here to help you with that. Let’s not forget that this season is all about winter fur jackets, winter fur coats and fur accessories. All we are seeing are designers coming up with their new winter collection. Those who have a fur collection are getting more limelight. There is no such thing as a “fashion miscarriage” with a fur coat. It is your safest and most luxurious clothing item for this season.

History of fur coats

Have you ever wondered how did people discover fur coats? Well, don’t be surprised to learn that fur coats were common amongst people since the dawn of time. People have been wearing them to look their best for the past 170,000 years. Yes, you read that right.The incredible fur coats that every woman should own.  People owned fur coats to show off their wealth, prestige and social class back in the day. Such a trend still continues to this day. Lynx fur, chinchilla fur and mink fur were common amongst the elite class. People from the lower class were limited to wearing other types of inferior fur. It was not just about keeping warm during the harsh winters; instead, it was about fashion too.

What continues today?

Even today, in the modern world, fashion is contemporary and ever-evolving. But fur has remained the king of fashion. Today the millennials have found a way to rock fur in casual forms too. Gone are the days when people wore fur only for fancy parties, big corporate dinners and gala nights. There was a time only the rich and famous people could get their hands on the finest fur coats of Marc Kaufman. However, now, these designers have made sure that common people can have a taste of it too. You will see that many people now own fur babies. They come at reasonable prices and can be worn on a casual Sunday brunch with your friends too.

Oatmeal Mist Alpaca Jacket Fox Trim Size Medium 8484

Oatmeal Mist Alpaca Jacket Fox Trim Size Medium 8484

Word of caution

While we know everyone wants to get their hands on fur. But let us warn you, fur is not like your average clothing item. They need a lot of love and care throughout their lifetime. Investing in fur is just like adopting a child. Hence make sure that you do not roll over your fur coat and squeeze them in your closet. The incredible fur coats that every woman should own. They need to be hanged properly and should be hung separately from other clothing items.

Top trending fur coats and jackets this season

We have made your lives easier for the ladies reading this blog by compiling the list of all the trending fur coats this season. Hence, if you are worried about what to wear at your best friend’s holiday party this year-end, keep reading the blog and get some fun and fashionable tips to help you stand out at her party.

Classic Blackglama Mink coat

Out of the most trending fashion items this season is Marc Kaufman’s fur blackglama coat. This can be worn on top of a cheetah print skirt and a black high neck blouse that outlines your body the perfect way. This coat is this season’s top picks as it can be complemented with any dress. So if it’s a night party, this look will rock like there is no tomorrow.

Classic Blackglama Mink Coat 4837

Classic Blackglama Mink Coat 4837

Purple Mink pullover jacket

The second hottest item this season is pullover jackets. Yes, these are 2021 winter essentials. They come in vibrant colors and can be worn at a day party or a casual get together. They look bedazzling with a pair of ripped jeans and a Marc Kaufman’s fur bag. So get your hands on the jacket and find a pair of high waist jeans to look fabulous.

Multi-colored vest

Who said winters are only for dull and subtle colors? Small vest sized fur are trending this season. They are best worn with latex pants and black full-length sleeves shirts. You can add colors to your winter season this year and stand out in the crowd.

Multi Colored Fox Vest Size Small
Multi Colored Fox Vest Size Small

Black velvet jacket

These velvet jackets are best when they are in chinchilla fur. If you want to look boogie, then here is the perfect fur coat for you. Chinchilla fur is one of the most exotic fur coats in the world. So, make sure you wear that on your corporate gala night this winter season. It is time to impress your boss with your style.

Black Velvet Chinchilla Jacket 8441
Black Velvet Chinchilla Jacket 8441

 Alpaca coat

What is better than an oatmeal-colored coat for winters? Well, nothing. Marc Kaufman has made yet another trending piece of a fur coat for this season. The oatmeal mist color looks perfect with high black boots and a high neck grey sweater. Get your hands on the fur coat before it runs out!

Black  motorcycle jacket

Want to look casual yet stylish. This new fur jacket is the talk of the town. Tie your hair up high and wear pantyhose underneath  some blue jeans. We can guarantee you will make those heads turn.


Final word

Marc Kaufman has launched its newest collection this season. If you are confused about what to wear this winter and how to keep up with your fashion sense, we have the list above to help you carry yourself this season and maintain your reputation as a fashion diva. Check out our collection and come for the grabs.