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Unconventional Fur Things (Ideas For Scrap)

You see a fur coat pretty much everywhere, but you don’t really see fur accessories. However, they always seem to be in our closet somehow. Sometimes, we get them ourselves, sometimes it’s gifted to us, and sometimes it just happens to be there, and you don’t know why and how. But whatever the reason is for some extra fur lying around, you can put it to good use. Here are some mini-project ideas for unconventional fur things    that you try for yourself.


Fur cuffs


Possibly the simplest thing to make with fur scraps is fur cuffs. They are small, look fancy and add a cute touch to your outfit. To make one, you just need to make sure the fur scrap is evenly sized and just enough to look good. A big chunk of scrap will look awkward on your wrist.

Here is how you make them – Start by marking the back of the scrap at two places, where you will cut it to make your fur cuff. Cut it with a razor blade so as the fur, itself, is not damaged. Get a lining cloth and cut it at the same measurement as the fur scrap. Afterwards, sew the corners of the lining cloth in on itself, so the edges are not rough.

Take a hair elastic band and cut it in half. Line the back of the fur scrap with the lining cloth and put the elastic band between them. However, be sure to put it in a way that the cut ends of the band are hiding beneath the lining cloth. Sew the items together, and now, you have a button loop to attach your fur cuff to any buttoned jacket.


Plus Size Blue Iris Mink Vest Ranch Mink Trim

Plus Size Blue Iris Mink Vest Ranch Mink Trim

Blue Iris Mink Vest Ranch Mink Trim

Image alt text: A woman wearing a Blue Iris Mink Vest Ranch Mink Trim with a grey sweater and skinny blue jeans.


Animal ears headband

 When Halloween rolls around, if there is one thing people like to buy, then it is the animal ear headbands. Adults and children both like to dress up as animals, and so, a must-have item for the costume is the adorable fur headbands. These are also fairly easy to make. Just take the scraps from your old fur coat and follow the instructions given.

Print out a template of an animal ear, preferably of a cat or fox. After that, take cardboard and trace the ear onto it and then cut it out. Put it against the back of the fur scrap and use a marker to mark the shape. To avoid damaging the fur, cut with a razor blade.

Pin down both of the pieces together and sew them. Leave the bottom corner open. Fold the cardboard ears and put the cardboard inside the furry ears. Lastly, you will shave the ears just enough that there is not too much hair on the ears anymore.

Then choose a side of these ears that will play as the inside of the ears. Take a pink fabric and cut it in the same shape of the ear except a little shorter. Glue the cloth to the fur, and they are ready to attach to a headband!


Small rug or drape


Fur rugs and drapes add the perfect look to your home, and they can be very cozy as well. You can make this if you have a slightly bigger piece of fur scrap, possibly one from a fur coat, to work with. You can turn it into a little drape as well for your side table or chest.


Trace a random pattern on the backside of the fur scrap and cut it out. To avoid damage to the fur, always use a razor blade. And then, you’re done. Just place it wherever you like.

Having said that, fur coats are never old, and they are always trendy. For example, look at the fur coat in the picture below. Do you think it will ever be un-trendy enough to throw away?


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Flaunt your best self in this horizontal chinchilla fur jacket with large shawl collar from Marc Kaufman Furs USA

Chinchilla Fur Jacket Large Shawl Cross Cut Horizontal Collar

Image alt text: A woman wearing a Chinchilla Fur Jacket Large Shawl Cross Cut Horizontal Collar with a black skinny jeans and sandals.


Fur slippers

You see these things everywhere and they’ve become very common in every household. You can also make these by yourself at home. Just follow the instructions.

Take your plain slippers and take a scrap of fur. Measure the upper strap of your slipper and cut out the scraps on that measurement. Paste the fur with the glue gun and that’s it! Now, you wear these slippers to parties or just casually at home.


Fur stool

We’ve all seen that cute little stool in movies that people use for sitting in front of their vanity. And the best part about that stool is that it has a seat of fur and gives the perfect soft touch to your room. Well, if you’ve wanted that seat, then this DIY is perfect for you!


Firstly, get your stool and cut out a piece of scrap fur that should be slightly bigger than the seat but not too big. It should be just enough that the fur hangs down from all the sides, at least about an inch. It doesn’t need to be perfect. Now, you have two options. You can either glue the fur to the seat and that will be it, or if you want to attach it temporarily only, you can get some safety pins and pin the fur to the seat on the sides. This way, you can take it off whenever you want.


After you’re done with either of these two, your stool is ready to use!


Sable fur coats

sable fur stroller

Diamond Navy Blue Sable Cape

Image alt text: A woman wearing a Diamond Navy Blue Sable Cape with  skinny black jeans.


Pom Pom flats

It is possible that one of your older fur coats had some pom poms that you lost. So, if you have those little fur pom poms lying around, this would be a good way to use them. Just get your flats, a needle and a thread, and your two pom poms. Stitch the pom poms onto the top of the flats and be sure to pull the thread a little harder to ensure that the pom pom isn’t loose. And then you’re done!


Fur uggs

If you have an old pair of uggs and you are this close to throwing them away, then don’t. There is a way you can make them look good again and here, we’ll tell you how.

Get a pair of uggs, a scissor, measuring tape, fur scrap, and your sewing kit. First, measure the size of your uggs from top to bottom and then around. Cut the fur according to those sizes but just a little bigger. Sew the edges of the fur piece so that it is in the form of a tube now.

Put the fur onto your uggs and arrange it so the fur covers the top part of your uggs. Take a suede cording and wrap it around the fur so that it is crossing at the front and then tie it in a bow at the top. And there you have it! Some new winter boots!



Concluding, there is a lot you can do from the fur scraps of a unconventional fur coat, and these are only a few to mention. Moreover, there is no doubt things will get messy because we are using fur, but after you finish making whatever you wanted to, you won’t mind the mess. After all, everyone enjoys a little DIY every once in a while, right? And lately, fur fashion has been gaining quite the attention. It was said that fur retail sales for 2019 amounted to about 22 billion euros.

Aside from these fur DIYs, you can find some very good items like fur hats, collars, purses, and muffs in the Marc Kaufman Fur Collection. We pride ourselves on our products and services. Whether you require a fur coat for keeping warm or a fur capelet for a party, we’ve got all the variety. Get in touch with our skilled team today to get the best services like fur cleaning, fur storage, fur remodeling, fur repair, and even the best products.