White Mink Men’s Jacket 3422


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White Mink Men’s Jacket

A sporty white mink jacket for a winter night in NYC sounds bold! Here’s how to make it work while staying warm and stylish:

Embrace the elements:

  • Layering: Wear a warm base layer like a merino wool turtleneck or a fitted thermal shirt under the jacket. This will provide insulation without adding bulk.

Taming the sportiness:

  • Pants: Skip sweatpants or joggers. Opt for dark-wash slim-fit denim or dark wool dress pants. This will add a touch of formality.

  • Shoes: Balance the sportiness with warm winter boots. Chelsea boots are a good option, or you could go for black leather boots with a bit of tread for traction on icy streets.


  • Scarf and Hat: A chunky knit scarf and a beanie in black or charcoal will add warmth and a stylish touch.

Extra warmth:

  • Gloves: Leather or wool gloves are a must for winter nights.

Overall impression:

  • Aim for a dressed-up sporty look. The white mink provides luxury, while the base layer and darker pants create a winter-ready vibe.

Additional considerations:

  • Weather: While mink is warm, for very cold nights, consider adding a thin down layer under the base layer for extra warmth.

Confidence is key:

  • This is a unique look, so wear it with confidence! NYC is a great place to experiment with fashion.