Zuki Furs

ZUKI, Affectionately known as “Kooky Zuki,” the world renowned designer, Zuki Balaila, has been creating innovative fur collections under his own label since 1986.

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Zuki Furs

Using the finest materials – mink, sheared beaver, fox, sable or chinchilla, inventive techniques – intarsia designs with bold motifs and colorful dyes, and finishing with his own signature silk linings, the talented Zuki artistically produces avant-garde fur garments to wear and collect.

Both the young and young-at-heart appreciate Zuki’s intricate designs. Zuki aficionados anxiously await the unveiling of each collection to view the new seasonal patterns, techniques, and details.

Through the years, favorites have included Zuki’s abstract geometrics in colorful sheared beaver styled into a blouson jacket, lightweight sheared minks that reverse to their own sueded pelt, fitted walking coats with floral patterns created from shearing and grooving or intricate intarsia design, bouclé trimmed colorful sheared beaver swing coats, and jewel adorned (and adored) fox and velvet evening wraps.

Fun or elegant, each and every season, Zuki impresses with his immense talent and creativity.