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11 Ways to Revamp Your Look

We have all had days where we have felt like an underdog and unnoticeable. Sometimes it is just how we are, and sometimes we lose touch with the latest trends in fashion. Not many people are aware of the kind of fashion that will sit well on them. 11 Ways to Revamp Your Look. Some people wear clothing that makes them look bigger than they are, and some clothing does not compliment their overall look or skin. Whatever it is, sometimes we need a little push and some guidance to help us understand our bodies and what will work for them.

Having a great sense of fashion will work wonders for you. If you are one of those who can rock anything you wear, getting noticed will not be too hard.

Changing your look

Changing your look can be essential to you. Perhaps there is something about the turn of the calendar year or a big breakup that makes everyone crave a dramatic change in look. You may want to have little fun with your hair, color them in red, or cut them very short to achieve that different look. Changing your look can mean that a new YOU is in town, so bye-bye, old me. 11 Ways to Revamp Your Look. However, let’s first understand that you do not need to lose 40 pounds, or dye your hair red or max out your bank cards on a shopping spree to reinvent your look. The good news is that you can start by making those small and subtle changes in your look that have a big impact.

In this blog, we will review at least eleven ways to revamp your look in a way that compliments you and makes those heads turn while you walk the alley. So stay tuned to learn more.

What is hot this season?

With winters around the corner, the one thing that makes you stand out is fur. Fur has its way too noticeable. If you are spending too much time in your baggy pants and sweatshirts, then perhaps it’s time to look classy and chic. Winters can be very gloomy and cold, and it is often hard to find the right dress that makes you look fabulous. However, do not get that old jacket on that makes you look like a potato. This year try something more eye-candy like fur coats. A good designer will have good quality fur coats up for grabs, which will make sure yours won’t get damaged so easily. Hence it is time you start thinking about investing in one this season.


Chinchilla Bolero Jacket 29769

Chinchilla Bolero Jacket 29769

11 tricks and styling tips to revamp your look

Below you can read some tricks and styling tips that can give your look that spark you have been trying to get.


Part your hair to the sides

Have you been parting your hair the same way since the dawn of time? Well, it is time to get rid of that hairdo. Hairstyle is one of the most defining features of your look. It is the most noticeable. That is why you can make some changes to it. The simple switch to the sides can add more volume and change the tour face frame altogether. Move your part before going to bed. Use a comb and a styling cream, then put on a wide headband. When you wake up, your newly parted hair will stay the same place without it falling back to its original place.


Don’t buy a new wardrobe, but you can give an illusion to the people you did buy one. You can style yourself with some jewels or other accessories. The items that get most noticed are handbags. If you want a handbag that catches everyone’s eyes, then grab Marc Kaufman’s latest fur handbag collection. They make their own fashion statement. The best is that they stand out and compliment any dress. They come in many colors. So if you are into vibrant colors, Marc Kaufman is your go-to place. If you are into dull colors, then again, Marc Kaufman’s collection is for your grabs.



Black Fox Fur Bag

Black Fox Fur Bag 4323



Do not be afraid to wear red lipstick; we know it is bold. But bold is not bad. It’s a classic way to add feminity to your look. Even Marylyn Monroe stood out due to her bold red lipstick.


Your nails say a lot about you. Oval-shaped nails covered with pale pink nail colors are very predictable. How about doing something different such as filing them flat this time and add on some vibrant nail colors like turquoise. They will give you a new look.

Fur coats

As we read above, fur coats are the most popular items this season. If you are someone who wears a parachute jacket every season, stop right there. It’s time to try out Marc Kaufman’s mink coats. They come in many sizes and colors. So try out something new to revamp your look while staying warm in the cold.



White Mink Fur Coat with White Fox Fur Tuxedo Trim #0986

White Mink Fur Coat with White Fox Fur Tuxedo Trim #0986


Salon-like Blowout

You may have used Velcro rollers some years ago; however, they are back in style again. These styling tools are the best way to achieve a blowout look.

Pointy-toed shoe

The tapered toe fell off the fashion world for some seasons; however, they are back in full swing. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman’s leg than a pointed-toe pump.

High boots are in fashion.

Nothing looks as chic as those shiny black high boots every winter. You can pair the boots with a short-fitted dress and see-through leggings.

Fur hats

Just like your hair is your defining feature, adding a fur hat to your hair will definitely do wonders to your look. If you want to find a good quality fur hat, you may look at Marc Kaufman’s fur hat collection.



Real Brown Fox Headband 0131

Real Brown Fox Headband 0131



If you want to keep it plain and simple yet look different, then darkening and making your eyes bold is the way to go about. Hence invest in good mascara and make your eyes look majestic.

Wear vibrant colors

Try wearing vibrant colors. Red and yellow colors are often very chic colors that look good on everyone. Mix it up with some contrasting colors throughout your outfit. That way, you will become more noticeable and chic.



We understand that you want to revamp your look and become more noticeable. With the right help, you can achieve that different look. All it takes is a little effort and understanding your body and features. At Marc Kaufman, we have an extensive collection of fur coats and accessories to choose from. So, contact us or visit our stores to get your hands on the latest collection and enjoy a new look this winter season.