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Fur Coats

Most parts of our country face severe weather in the winter months. Everyone desires to be warm and comfortable during this time. Real fur coats are the best option to go for because of the incredible amount of warmth and comfort they provide, in addition to the fact that you don’t have to compromise on your style. However, they can be extremely hefty on your pocket. All the designer brands target the elite class and celebrities with their products. So, second-hand fur coats are the best to afford. it will be justified to assume that common people cannot afford designer-made real fur coats.

If you can’t afford to buy a new fur coat, the next best option you have is to buy a use one. Buying anything second-hand can be a difficult task. However, there are 5 things you must consider when buying second-hand fur coats. Reading our guide below before making your purchase will make things much easier.

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  1. Choose Your Pelt

Before buying fur, new or second-hand, you must choose the type of pelt you prefer. There are numerous options for you to consider. These are just a few:

  • Mink

This is the most widely available form of fur. In the United States, over 2 million pelts of mink are produced each year. Mink Fur is soft to touch and is an excellent insulating material, making mink coats the highest in demand.

  • Chinchilla

Chinchilla fur is preferred for its vintage black and grey look. It has the highest density of hair but is also lightweight at the same time. The fur can be sewed in both vertical and horizontal directions, giving a stylish touch to your outfit.

  • Lynx

This precious white cat fur is astonishingly beautiful. Wearing lynx fur is the best way to look attractive and it’s ideal for telling the world how fashionable you are.

  • Sable

Sable fur has a unique kind of smoothness to it. Unlike other types, it feels smooth to touch in any direction. This high-quality fur is glamorous and will boost your appearance to the sky. It is ideal for wearing if you want heads to turn in your direction and jaws to drop everywhere you go.

  • Fox

Fox fur is also another prevalent type found all over the world. It is a must-have for all fashionistas. Choose this type of fur for your wardrobe if you want the most natural-looking fur.

  1. Check if It’s Real 

Once you’ve decided which type of pelt you want, it is vital to check if the fur you’re buying is real. There can be a lot of fraud involved when it comes to selling second-hand fur. People will try to pass off faux fur as real. However, identifying real fur can be fairly simple.

Just by touching the fur, you can tell how smooth it is. The artificial manufacture of fur sometimes causes it to lose its smoothness. Also, the base of the fur can tell you if it’s real or not. You can check this by separating a few hairs.

Real fur was previously attached to animal skin, so it has a leathery feel to it. The back of faux fur will have a texture similar to a textile. Another way to test if the fur is real is to take a few hairs from it and observe the smell when you burn them. If you smell burning plastic, then it’s a big no! If you want to know more about identifying real fur, click here to read our guide for buying real fur.

  1. Does It Look Good on You?

Do you buy fur coats only to keep yourself warm? Most people who own fur will answer no to that question. Fur coats are a symbol of style, luxury, and elegance. They are the heart of the fashion world since forever and will continue to stay that way in the future.

So, when buying a second-hand fur coat, it is necessary to check if it looks good on you. Try the fur coat on in daylight. Stand in front of a mirror and gaze at your reflection. In most cases, you’ll know in just a glance that it suits you well. However, if you think you’re poor at identifying what suits you, take a friend along. Another person’s opinion will help you in deciding what’s best and will save your time substantially.

  1. Does It Fit You Well?

A way of judging if a fur coat looks good on you is checking how well it fits. Before going off to buy a second-hand fur coat, make sure you take your body measurements as accurately as possible. When you’re looking at yourself in front of the mirror, turn around once and see if the coat falls evenly around your body. Check if the sleeves are the right size. The shoulders should not drop beyond your actual shoulders because that makes the look fade away.

Moreover, the fur coat you’re buying should not be too tight in the name of fashion. Remember, you need to wear it every day. So along with looks, the comfort level must be optimal.

  1. Check the Condition

If you go for low-priced second-hand fur coats, you may not get them in perfect condition. Feel the whole coat from top to bottom and check for any gaps in the fur. If there are gaps, it means that the fur is shedding because of low quality or because it wasn’t cared for properly.

Turn the coat inside out and feel the lining for any tears. If the lining is not in good condition, it won’t be instrumental in keeping you warm. Small imperfections are alright because you can always get your coat repaired. It’s still going to be much cheaper than buying a new one.

Furthermore, there may be insect infestations in real fur. No matter where you buy a second-hand fur coat, it is vital to get it cleaned before you start wearing it.


Final Thoughts

Have you ever gasped after seeing a price tag on a real fur coat? Even if you cannot afford to buy it, don’t go for faux fur! Real fur is much better than faux fur in every way possible.

Click here to learn more. If you keep the above five points in mind while buying a second-hand fur coat, it can be a fine choice. Check out our second-hand collection right here.