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Can a Fur Coat Be Restored? If So, How?

A real fur is just like human hair. It also gets greasy and loses its shine over time. It gets dirty when we use it repeatedly, and even if you do not use a fur coat and store it in a closet, it tends to deteriorate. Just like human hair, real fur coats also require deep cleansing. Can a fur coat be restored? It also needs hydration and conditioning. Experts call this procedure fur restoration. However, the good news is that you can do it at home in addition to hiring a professional furrier for it. The recommendations will always support professional because they know their job.

Nevertheless, if you think you are responsible enough to do it at home, you should go ahead and do it. You can also easily restore vintage fur coats at home. There are several products in the market for fur restoration and cleansing. You can quickly get rid of grease, oil, dirt, and the odors that make your fur look nasty and smelly.

Restoring The Fur Coat At Home

You can easily clean your fur coat at home. You do not visit a professional hairstylist to restyle and clean your hair? No, right! That is why we think that everyone can clean their fur coats at home. All you need is to be a little extra careful while cleaning furs. Let us see how you may do it:

1. The Cleaning Procedure

The cleaning procedure of fur coats is quite simple. There are several things that you must do while trying to restore your fur coat. The first step is always to shake your coat up and brush it thoroughly. It will help if you always brushed your fur coat using a professional brush. Whether you choose home or professional furrier for this job, you will need to ensure the availability of professional tools. Thus, for brushing and combing your real fur coats, you must use professional fur brushes. These brushes help untie the knots while eliminating any dirt and debris in the furs. Once you properly brush out the furs, it is time to use the fur cleaning product on your coat.

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Alt Image text: A worker at Marc Kaufman Furs using brush to clean fur coat

2. Using The Cleansing Powder

You can choose any tried and tested fur cleansing powder for this purpose. It would be best if you coated the whole fur coat with the cleansing powder. You should repeat this activity after 15-20 minutes. It will ensure that you cover the whole coat with cleansing powder. You must shake your coat to distribute the cleansing powder evenly on your coat. Once you do this, put the coat back in its bag and close the bag. Open it after one hour and dust off the coat. You must shake the fur coat to take out the cleansing powder. Furthermore, you can use a professional brush to take out the cleansing powder’s leftover.

3. Greasy And Oily Furs

If your furs are greasy and oily and have an awkward misty smell, it is best to extend the process. You must leave the apply the cleansing powder on the coat and zip it in the bag. Now in place of leaving it for just one hour, you should leave it like that for 24 hours. You will get the best results because these powders have the tendency to absorb grease and mist. They help in removing all the dirt and leave your coat fresh and clean.

After the passage of 24 hours, open the bag and check whether you have achieved the required results or not. Once you feel you have achieved what you wanted, you can open the bag and remove the coat from it. You must shake the coat to take the cleansing powder out of it. It will help if you brush the furs using the professional brush once again to get the cleansing powder out. Using these tips, you can ensure that your furs last long.

Fur Coat Fur Accessory Cleaning

Fur Coat Fur Accessory Cleaning

Alt Image Text: A worker at Marc Kaufman Furs using cleansing powder to clean fur accessories

You Cannot Repair These At Home

There are certain damages that you cannot repair at home. For these damages, you must contact professional furriers because only they can fix them. Only a professional furrier can determine whether they can repair these damages or your need to restyle your coat. These include the following:

1) Loosened Up Pelts

It is one of the issues that one can never fix at home. You must know that several pelts are sewn together nicely to make a fur coat. If you see your pelts getting loose, you will need to contact a professional furrier. A furrier will fix them and secure them in a way that the coat lives longer.

2) A Ripped Coat

You cannot repair a ripped coat at home; thus, you must not try to do that. We are recommending you this because we know that if you try, you will ruin the coat. If your coat has a rash or gets ripped, it does not mean that you have been careless. A real fur coat is very delicate. Thus, a small hit can damage it. It can only be restored by replacing the pelts with new pelts. Therefore, you must contact a professional furrier for this task and never try to take a chance at home. They will take care of all the dysfunctionalities in the off-season.

Furrier on Premises

Furrier on Premises

Alt Image Text: Real fur coats stored by Marc Kaufman Furs

3) Attaching Enclosures

There are multiple events on which hooks and buttons fall out of the fur coat. If you do not see any way to close the fur, do not try any random hack. You must contact your professional furrier to get on with this task because if you will try otherwise, you will harm the coat further.

Final Word

There are some aspects of fur restoration that you can practice at home. While the major problems like rip, loosening, and likewise cannot be fixed at home. Thus, it will help if you contact a professional furrier. If you do not have access to any professional furrier, contact Marc Kaufman today and restore your fur coat. We provide the best fur coat restoration services. From picking up your coat to storing it in professional fur storage, we have got you covered. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today!