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Faux fur has become increasingly popular in recent years. In particular, since PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) raised their voice against real fur, people shifted towards faux fur so they don’t get called out. Thus, fashion has tried to switch real for faux fur, but it does not seem to be the smart option.

Faux is plastic!

Faux fur is damaging to the environment and its use does not remove the planetary impact as it tends to be created by chemical companies.

Let us fill you in on why faux fur is worse for the environment than real fur.

Faux fur and its effect on the environment

Although faux fur now looks luxurious and almost like the real thing, is it a better option for the environment? Many people think wearing real fur is the wrong choice morally but do not realize the effects faux fur has on the environment.

Just because it is animal-free, it does not mean it’s not causing any damage. The fur industry believed that fake fur is less sustainable. For instance, faux fur contains acrylic, which is a synthetic material made from a non-renewable source. Furthermore, it takes centuries to biodegrade, which is hugely damaging to the environment.

Plastic does not rot and we all know this planet needs a lot less plastic production at the moment. It breaks down into tiny particles called micro-plastics. As a result, it poisons the soil, the water supply, the oceans, food and animal feed.

Improperly discarded plastic is terrible for the environment. Hence, discarding faux fur can cause numerous issues to the well-being of the planet. This Plastic reaches the oceans where it poses a threat to endangered species, causing wide spread extinctions. Plastic has been found inside the bodies of more than 60 percent of seabirds and 100 percent of sea turtles who think it is food. This research carried out by The Ocean Conservancy makes us wonder whether it is morally right for us to use faux fur.

Plastic and Its Effects on The Environment

Faux fur is synthetic and is widely considered as plastic since possesses all its chemical properties. In recent years, plastic has become a significant issue around the world. While we try and use less plastic every day, the production does not decrease. Furthermore, research shows we may be ingesting a credit card’s equivalent a week of micro-plastics as they find their way into what we eat and the products we use. Indeed, synthetic clothing is a major contributor to this issue. Hence, even though there isn’t any killing of animals, faux fur still is harming animals, and damaging the environment they live in.

Real Fur and Why It Is Better for The Environment

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Here you can see Jennifer Lopez rocking the Golden Island Fox Fur Coat.

Firstly, fur is a natural material, breaking down and biodegrades naturally in the environment, unlike faux fur. We assure you that if you were to bury your fur coat underground, you would find it rotting away. However, faux fur will be intact and in the same condition as it is nonbiodegradable.

Secondly, real fur is sustainable and can be used for many years. They can last for generations if taken care of properly. Also, because real fur can stay for such long periods, they are too precious to be thrown away. This means you won’t have to throw away the item and cause any harm to the environment, unlike faux fur, which is discarded after a couple of years. In conclusion, faux fur garments are almost impossible to recycle and often end up in landfills due to how fast fashion changes. Hence, clothes are worn and then discarded to make room for the next trend.

Faux fur can cause some severe damage to our planet and its residents. When it comes to sustainability, real fur takes the trophy there without a doubt. However, because of the recent debate about whether real fur is ethical to use or not, there has been a lot of confusion worldwide.

At Marc Kaufman Furs, We Believe That Real Fur Is Better

For one thing, the statement about using endangered animals for the production of fur garments is entirely false. Most governments worldwide have specific laws, rules and regulations worldwide to ensure no endangered species are used in this business. Therefore, Marc Kaufman’s fur coats and jackets are entirely biodegradable and pose no danger to the environment. However, faux fur does the complete opposite of that.

Not only animals but humans are also in danger when it comes to faux fur. This is because it’s proven to cause cancer, among other health issues, whereas real fur is 100% human friendly.

Say No to Faux Fur

Although faux fur is having a moment, it can be deceiving. They may seem eco-friendly but they most certainly are not. PETA has made real fur seem like the enemy as if all they do are kill endangered animals. Because the public has become so influenced by this organization, they tend to turn a blind eye towards the actual truth.

As we have mentioned before, faux fur contains petroleum. Anything that is made up of plastic poses a danger to our planet. If you want to protect our ecosystem, the right choice will be real fur composed of natural fibers.

Is faux fur worse for the environment than real fur?

Unlike faux fur, real fur does not pollute nature. The breeders respect their animals and prioritize their health. As you must have gathered from this blog, purchasing faux fur is the wrong choice. Buying them means destroying our ecosystem. Clothes made out of faux fur have a short life span as they are made poorly and are not of the best quality. It is rare to see someone buying a used faux fur item as they usually go into a landfill.


Manufacturers created faux fur intending to be an alternative to the real thingbut it turned out to be more damaging to the planet. For example, when these faux fur pieces fall apart, they fill up landfills and sit there, causing harm to the environment.

To summarize, we genuinely believe real fur is more sustainable than faux fur. It naturally decomposes when its time is over and lasts for tens and hundreds of years.

At Marc Kaufman, we have some of the most unique, luxurious real fur coats and jackets you can find. Mink, Shearling, Chinchilla, Fox, Rabbit, Sable, and much more – you name it, we got it!

In short, visit our page to browse through our beautiful collection of real fur. We believe we must promote a healthier environment, and our fur coats and jackets do the same!

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