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History of Fur

Fur has been long entwined in our history since early human civilization. Different kinds of fur could indicate a different social status. Warmth and durability are the significant aspects that no other material could provide in such times. People who lived in the harshest weather conditions wouldn’t be able to survive without them.

In Europe, mink, chinchilla and ermine were considered a symbol of royalty. In some early societies, fur would acquire a spiritual power if worn by soldiers or hunters. Ultimately, fur became an indicator of social stratifications.

As technology changed, new advanced productions came forward and made fur readily available to the masses. People started liking and using it in the early ’90s before animal rights movements started questioning cruelty towards animals. Fur became a taboo fashion item throughout the Nineties. People were attacked on the streets if they wore too much fur, but now it is creeping back on the catwalk. Today much of the debate about using fur still remains, but with the support of fashion icons, fur has now become a necessity.

Fur Is a Necessity

It’s about time that the fashion industry woke up to the fact that fur is all people need to survive the winter season without layering themselves up in unfashionable clothes.

When cold winter air forces you to keep yourself as warm as possible, and the temperatures drop, a valid question that may come to your mind would be, “Is my coat enough to protect against frostbites, or should I get a new one?”

Top models and fashion designers who were against using furs have gotten past that taboo. In the past few years, there has been an incredible increase in the demand of fur.


Here you can see Jennifer Lopez rocking the Golden Island Fox Fur Coat.

Fur expresses an aura of elegance and style. When you put on a fur piece, the first thing you notice is that the experience is very sensual.

Here are a few good reasons why fur made a comeback in the fashion industry.

Fur is Sustainable

Real fur is natural and sustainable. Over time, real fur begins to biodegrade. In contrast to faux fur, the real fur tends to last longer, so these precious fur pieces are rarely thrown away.

Similarly, new young designers specializing in fur materials, are witnessing improvements in faux fur. In Short, the production has more than doubled, which is great for fashion-crazed people.

It is Eco-Friendly

Many people in the fashion industry claim that fur is not only a natural or sustainable resource, but it is also a way of controlling the populations of wild species that might put wildlife at risk.

The real fur is obtained from animals that are in abundance and a threat to wildlife. The production only uses animals to maintain ecological balance. Thus it is a fact that responsible use of animals is a safe way to clothe ourselves.

In contrast to leather, the maintenance, tanning, and coloring of fur is relatively benign. Chemicals such as formaldehyde are used in small quantities while they are used excessively in leather production.

On the other hand, the production of fake furs uses the by-products of petroleum, which is a non-renewable resource. The fact cannot be ignored that fur is not a throw away item as it is designed for longevity.

Finally, it is safe to say that the responsible use of resources and animals leads to the protection of environment.

Symbol of Luxury and Elegance

One of the main reasons why fur is back in fashion is the luxury it provides. If we talk about style and elegance, fur coats take the trophy without a doubt.

Despite all controversies that have been going around, Hollywood celebrities from the early 1900s up until now, all wear fur. It’s kind of hard to picture the fashion icons not draped in stylish fur.

It is Timeless

Fur almost never goes out of fashion. It has been a fashion trend for ages. The great thing about fur coats is that if you buy one today, you can keep on wearing it for a very long time. If it’s a classic piece, it will most likely become a family heirloom.

It Supports Small Businesses

The fur industry might be large, but it also supports the small designers, farmers, and other people involved in the supply chain. The fur industry has evolved all around the world because of small businesses.

Comfort and Warmth

In the fright of the winter season, fur is the best pick. The warmth and comfort it provides, along with its versatility, it is undeniably the best go-to option.

Light Pink Fox Jacket

It is the first preference of fashion enthusiasts and celebrities in the extremely cold winter season, making fur nature’s incredible response to winter. There are a lot more reasons for the fur to come back into fashion.


When people invest in something, they demand reliability and durability. Fur not only gives you warmth but also gives you a chic look along with long-lasting durability. Despite the luxurious feels, fur is a natural fiber and durable. It can be recycled and re-styled over time.

Easy Maintenance

The fur is easy to maintain. Not everyone wants to go to dry cleaners, they can maintain their fur on their own.


Here are some tips for maintaining your fur:

  • Keep it away from dust.
  • Prevent it from crushing and high temperatures.

Here is a guide on how to maintain your furs easily at home. Finally, with these tips provided, it is guaranteed that your full will be safe and maintain its quality.

Health Benefits

What you wear speaks volumes about your personality, and it also impacts your health. Toxic chemicals such as polyester, spandex, and rayon’s constant contact to skin can be injurious to health. Such chemicals may cause skin cancers and numerous other diseases.

On the other hand, what harm could a soft, warm and comfortable fur coat do to you? For this reason, people use fur coats and accessories to give themselves warmth with elegance.

Final Thoughts

Fur has become a topic of a complex and emotional battle. Still, some people are in favor, and some are not. Regardless of all the controversy, fur has been the most elegant fashion icon. It is a symbol of status and luxury. It can make you shine whenever you want and wherever you go.

This guide was to explain the reasons for the fur to come back into the fashion industry. People who once labeled fur as a taboo now use it religiously, mostly because of its unbeatable warmth and elegance.

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