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Winter Furs

Selecting warm and durable winter fur coats and jackets is essential. When we talk about warmness and durability, we often seek complementary stylishness. Finding a vintage fur coat that helps you look classy and keeps you warm is the ultimate winter goal. Also, one makes this investment to lock comfort for several years, not just a single season. Therefore, finding a perfect vintage fur coat that complements your style and offers durability has the utmost importance.

On the other hand, with winter fur coats, you can find versatility, unlike basic leather jackets. There are several winter fur coat options available in the market. Therefore, you can glide through cooler months looking like a chic. Thus, there is absolutely no excuse to go past winter months unprepared. Real fur coats do not only keep you warm. They add an essence of style, uptown appearance, and comfort to your fashion definition. From a parka down long coat to fluffy trim hood, winter fur coats come in all shapes and designs.

5 Best Winter Furs that Every Woman Should Have

Not to mention, winters would always come around whether you prepare for it or not. Thus, always prepare yourself with some warm fluffy coats. You too, deserve to look hot and stylish chic with rosy winter cheeks. To save you time and effort, we compiled a guide of all the must-haves for modern women.

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1.      Multi-Colored Fox Poncho

Ponchos Capes Fox Trim

Alt image text: women looking classy in multi-colored fox poncho and leather skirt.

Multi-colored fox fur poncho is a wardrobe must-have. You can find all different colors and designs in fox fur poncho. You can wear them on your dress as well as with your leather pants. If you want something that makes you stand out on every occasion, then fox fur shawl is the answer. Fox fur poncho is exclusively particular because it has a unique and classy appearance. Fox furs are usually sleek and soft and have an equal length. You can find these shawls in all colors and shades. If you are someone who appreciates matte finish, you must try fox fur.

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Nevertheless, artificial coloring and brittle are also available in the market. If you want to enjoy exclusive deals on fox fur cloak, contact us today! We have the best deals and discounts available on fur coats and accessories.

2.      Ivory Cape Rex Rabbit Flowers Cashmere

White Rex Rabbit cashmere Furs


Are you heading to winter without any capes? My only question to you is why? If you can find something so stylish and real, why wouldn’t you own it? Capes and shrugs are winter wardrobe-essentials. Winters call for chilly weather. However, the whole season would never come with constant chills. Think about it.

You must have some basic pullovers and capes to cover up when the cold is less intense. Capes and shrugs are the perfect way to do it. You should own rabbit fur cashmere capes and shrugs. These clothing items are lightweight and warm. They are incredibly durable, and if you maintain them well, they can last for several years. You can pair these capes with skirts, jeans, and dresses to get a royal look. If you want to buy these capes at a discounted price, call us today and enjoy our premium deals!

3.      Canadian Silver Fox Fur Vest


Fur Vests for Women and Men

Fur vests and sleeveless coats are a new thing in the market. You can get these fur vests at low prices. With such affordable rates, these vests ideally fit with all kinds of outfits. You can wear a fur vest with a pair of jeans or a leather long skirt. In fact, it is one of the best investments you can make. If you are a fan of classic winter apparels, then owing a fur vest is the best idea. You can use this clothing item in parties, and look formal while hitting the style core.

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In short, you can pair a fur vest with every clothing item and occasion. In fact, it is available in a wide range of designs and colors. Thus, you can always choose the one which ideally matches your style. The optimal colors grey, silver, and pale mustard as they fit every occasion and clothing item. If you are looking to get high-quality white fox fur coats, then Kaufman furs is the place for you! We have the best fox fur and rabbit fur vests and you will absolutely love our discounted fur vest collection.

4.      Italian Shearling Strollers


A woman looking amazing in brown Italian shearling overall with complimentary hood.

Shearling coats are an ideal wardrobe essential. If you are stepping into winters without a cute shearling fur coat, then you are probably missing out. These fur coats are suitable for chilly weather. When the winters intensify, shearling coats are the life saviors. You can count on these overalls as they protect you from harsh winds and freezing rain leftovers.

Everyone should have at least one shearling coat. They work as a protective shield against cold weather. Just like all other winter stuff, they are also an investment. You can find them in various fashion designs and colors. They have furs as a complementary base. Hence, you can easily maintain them, making them easy to clean and durable. Learn How to Care for Your Furs During Off-Season here

Always contact a professional furrier who knows how to take care of your shearling coat in the offseason. Maintenance is the key to its durability. Hence, the better you take care of these coats, the more they stay in your wardrobe.

5.      Full-length tuxedo coats

A woman wearing white tuxedo full-length mink fur coat with fur boots.

A full-length coat is like a rain shield in winters. The best thing about the full-length coat is that nobody ever finds out what you are wearing underneath it. You can wear anything that pleases you and pull on a full-length tuxedo coat. Once you do it, you are good to go. Full-length coats come in all styles and colors. People mostly prefer full-length tuxedo coats. They look stylish, classy, and formal simultaneously. You can easily rock these overalls with a pair of high-quality fur boots. These coats have mink and sable furs typically.

Nevertheless, you can also find fox furs, chinchilla furs, rabbit furs, and whatnot. It comes in all shapes and sizes. Thus, you can choose whatever you think is best for you. Full-length coats can impress others while giving you warmth and comfort. They look luxurious, but they are not as expensive. They require high maintenance. Thus, always contact professional fur coat cleaners for their look after. We have the broadest range of high-quality, full-length fur coats. If you are looking to buy one at a reasonable price, contact us today! We provide great discounts and deals for the best fur coats.

Summing it up!

Winter fur coats and jackets have a never-ending list. The only thing to keep in mind is to spend wisely and buy smartly. Always ensure that you invest in a garment which is durable and easy to maintain. Marc Kaufman offers the best deals and discounts on fur coats and jackets. If you are looking to get your hands on the best quality fur coats, contact us today. We ensure that we provide ideal after-sale services as well. Thus, when you choose to shop with us, you have to worry about anything. We take care of everything for you.