50 Cents Fur Collection Rocks

Luxury Fur Collection Designer Furs

50 Cents  Power Look

Fur Game Tight

50 Cents Fur Collection Rocks

50 Cents Fur Collection Rocks

50 Cents has a fur collection that rocks! He has always been one of hip hop’s finest artists. His career has successfully spanned nearly two decades. His signature style has been replicated time and again. He is a true hip hop DON. 50 is also a trend setter. His style of dress is minimalist,yet statement worthy. He started out with an urban following that quickly went global. Now, everyone rocks his brand of music and pays attention to his style of dress. He is a multi millionaire many times over. His business game is just as tight as his entertainment game. He has now entered film and television production on both sides of the camera. He acts and produces. His latest cable series ,POWER, is a mega hit globally. It has been so for nearly six years on the STARZ cable network. Not bad for a kid from the turbulent streets of New York City. However,every Don needs a robe or cape. 50’s choice is the awe inspiring fur coat.


Furs World Tour

50 Cents Fur Collection Rocks

50 Cents Fur Collection Rocks

When you rock hard,you need to represent to the fullest. 50 Cents rocks hard. He represents even harder. His fur game is legendary. You know you are fashion legit when all you need to wear is a stand out fur coat with minimal ice and jeans with dope kicks. This is the 50 signature look. It goes over well and,again, it is replicated around the business by other performers and a myriad of global wannabe’s. 50 established his fashion persona complete with banging fur coat cool from the start. He grew the fur game from there.


You need to know that 50 only rocks the best furs from the best furriers. His primary furrier of choice is none other than…you guessed it, Marc Kaufman Furs.

Funk Meister Meets Fur Meister

50 Cent Marc Kaufman Furs Celebrity Furrier

50 Cents Fur Collection Rocks. Marc Kaufman Furs, Celebrity Furrier 

Marc Kaufman Furs sets it off in the fur game. Street credibility stretching back nearly 150 years gives Marc Kaufman Furs true fur don status. 50 Cents has been a client of the furrier to the stars for decades. Marc Kaufman Furs was the sole furrier to array all principle rappers in 50’s video production of Uncle Murda’s THOT .


50 Cent Marc Kaufman Furs Celebrity Furrier

50 Cent Marc Kaufman Furs Celebrity Furrier

That is only one of several videos 50 has secured the fur services of Marc Kaufman for. When 50 introduced his new protege POST MAlONE to the world in New York City, you guessed it,50 cent reached out to his go to furrier;Marc Kaufman Furs.

50 Cents Fur Collection Rocks Marc Kaufman Furs


All in all,it’s just another day on the block for Marc Kaufman Furs. Their flagship store is located at 212 west 30th Street,New York,New York,10001. Check out their 24/7 online store as well. Whether you are a celebrity or a lover of the fur mystique,seek out Marc Kaufman Furs. He creates the furs that rock the globe.

Marc Kaufman Furs King of Celebrity Fur Fashion


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