Coyote Furs In Demand

Call Of The Wild

Coyote Fur Fashion

Coyote Fur Fashion

Coyote fur Fashion is all the rage in the winter of 2019. The resurgence and primary focus on coyote fur is seismic in scope. The lure of the luxurious, light bending pelts is completely understandable,and practical. Coyote fur is full and voluminous. They are some of the warmest furs you could ever imagine in the coldest of climates. The way light (natural and manmade) dances upon the surface of the fur is wondrous. Coyote fur is an automatic head turner in terms of fashion appeal. The demand for coyote fur shows no sign of ebbing anytime soon.


Canadian Coyote Connection

Coyote Fur Fashion

Coyote Fur Fashion

The Canadian fur industry is a direct tie-in to the resurgent interest in Coyote Furs. The Canadian Goose Company manufactures parkas for global consumption. The parkas are in high demand because of their fashion/functionality. The addition of coyote fur lined trim and interior lining has put several parkas from several manufacturing companies over the top. The fashionable appeal ,while lending a real sense of warmth from cold to frigid temperatures,works for consumers. The Coyote fur trim makes an ordinary parka a conversation piece. This has now lent to coyote fur inclusion in other outerwear styles.



Fit For Fashion

Coyote Fur Fashion

Coyote Fur Fashion

The latest outerwear fashion trend is reconstruction(known also as a remodel). The specific trend is to add fur trim to collars and cuffs and hoods of predesigned outerwear. Coyote fur is generally the fur of choice in such remodel scenarios. Production of outerwear featuring coyote fur trim and or lining has increased exponentially. You can now find leather and cloth outerwear coats and jackets with coyote fur trim. The trend towards real fur once again shows the overall viability of fur.



Marc Kaufman Furs; Ahead of The Curve

Joe Namth Marc Kaufman Furs

Joe Namath Marc Kaufman Furs Coyote Fur fashion

The National Football League held Superbowl 49 in New York City. It was one of the very few times that such an event was held in a cold weather arena. The temperatures were bone chilling. Former Jet quarterback,Joe Namath was to make the coin toss for the game. This coin toss was to occur prior to the start of he game to determine which of the two teams would receive the football first. Roughly one hundred million viewers world wide watched this spectacle. It just so happened that Joe Namath had a special fur jacket made for the game to combat the chilling temperatures that night. You guessed it. The fur jacket was made of coyote fur. The furrier called upon to design it; Marc Kaufman Furs,of course. Marc Kaufman Furs has been at the forefront of fur design and production globally for nearly 150 years spanning three centuries. They are a multi generational furrier group. Marc Kaufman Furs is also the oldest known furrier in the United States of America. They have serviced thousands of customers world wide designing all manner of fur coats and accessories.


When next in New York City,stop into the Marc Kaufman Furs flagship showroom at 212 west 30th street. Their online sales store is available 365 days a year around the clock. Let Marc Kaufman Furs supply all of your fur needs. By the way,Coyote fur is one of their specialties.