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American Cat Lynx Fur Jacket.Fur fashion is real.

Fur fashion is real,believe it. The world of fashion and textile is vast. There are many materials that are utilized in fashion. Everything from cotton to polyester to silk and just about everything in between. The fashion industry as a whole is a visual feast for the eyes in terms of the varied product it turns out annually.Fashion trends are often times cyclical. A style that may have been prevalent decades ago can once again become relevant. What becomes a trend is dependent upon several factors. The designer in question can will a style into popularity based on that designers street credibility with consumers. A style trend can spring forth from an art film or televised program(Sex In The City was a huge fashion go to program for many viewers world wide). A fashion trend can spring forth from a segment of the populace at large. Cultural attire ascribed to particular ethnic groups can become fashionable style elements. The point is,fashion is a moveable feast. Few fashion styles,however,remain iconic and relevant consistently through the decades. Fur fashion is such a style that always remains relevant and in demand.


Fur Is Forever

Fur coats on the red carpet Marilyn Monroe

Fur fashion Is Real

Fashion and fur have coexisted for as long as there has been contemporary fashion. Once,strictly the clothing attire of royalty,fur coats and fur accessories became synonymous with elite glamour and high station in life. Hollywood stoked the public desire for anything fur by making the high end fashion statements omnipresent in a plethora of films. The Hollywood starlet( premiere studio actress) became the human vehicle for fur presentation to the masses. Audrey Hepburn to Marlena Dietrich to Marilyn Monroe and countless others moved the show when it came to the Fur coat. Since this time,furs have always had a prime spot at the fashion table. The many thousands of fur lovers world wide attest to the fashion credibility and staying power of the fur coat.


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Marc Kaufman Furs has been one of the worlds foremost furriers for nearly 150 years. For 5 generations and three centuries,Marc Kaufman Furs has produced some of the worlds finest furs. There have been thousands of fur coat lovers globally that have been serviced by Marc Kaufman Furs. Their design and production facilities are one of the best in the business. Their flagship location is located in New York City literally a block away form the world famous venue,Madison Square Garden. Their exact address is 212 west 30th street,New York,New York,10001. Shop the Marc Kaufman Furs online store around the clock,all year,worldwide. Real fur is fashionable. It always will be.Marc Kaufman Furs is the furrier that keeps it real.



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