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Replace Faux Fur Real Fur

The fashionable winter jackets designed with fox trimming around the hood. Some of these well-designed winter jackets have been outfitted with faux fur instead of real fur. The fake fur trim is not soft to the touch, not a silky feel, and the colors not as sharp as the real fur trims.

8Black Poplin Jacket Red Fur Lined Fox Trim HoodIf you have a coat or jacket that you want to replace the fake fur trim, Marc Kaufman Furs of NY can do it for you. We have a selection of so many colors, you can create your very own fashion statement.

gold jacket fox trim

Fox Fur jacket fox trim hood

Add Real Fur Trim

Most of the faux fur trims around the hood come with zip-off options. All that is need to do is unzip the faux fur trimming and ship it to Marc Kaufman Furs, 212 West 30th St, NYC NY 10001. To see a sample of the colors go to Kaufmanfurs.com. accessory page.

The most popular fox collars are black or white. We also use natural coyote fur which makes a more rugged look.

The cost to replace fake fur trim on hood with real fur is $250. This includes return shipping. Just send us the zipped off the portion of your faux fur hood and receive back the most beautiful fur trimming ever seen. Fox or coyote fur is naturally warm with some water repellent properties naturally in the fur.

Silver FoxFur Headband

Silver FoxFur Headband

Hot Pink Fox Fur Headband

Hot Pink Fox Fur Headband

Change Fur on Hood

Feel extra exceptional wearing any one of these pretty real 100% real fur headbands. Choose from a large variety of mink fur, fox, rex rabbit fur, beaver, coyote, raccoon fur, and more. The fox fur is a long time favorite fur, and it looks excellent in a fur headband.

For a more formal look, we suggest a mink fur headband; they look elegant, will keep your ears very warm, and make a statement in the color of your choice. Among the fur headbands, black fox and Crystal fox are top sellers. They are natural, undyed, and very popular. For everyday wear and a color that goes with all things in your wardrobe, try our fox hats. Keep your ears warm and your hair looking great by wearing a fur headband this winter.

Why fake it when you are able to have real fur trim on your down parka hood or the collar of your cashmere coat?!?  Nothing compares to the beauty and warmth of natural fur.  The York Furrier Design Team will replace synthetic fur trim on hoods, cuffs, or collars with gorgeous natural furs – Finn raccoon, fox, coyote, feathered fox, mink, or sheared furs.  Marc Kaufman Furs craftsmen are also able to add fur trim to coats made of cashmere, wool, alpaca, or leather.  Add a detachable fur collar or fur cuffs to change the look of any outerwear garment and add some glamour and winter warmth.

Replace Faux Fur Add Real

Fake fur Trim

Faux Fur Trim

Real Fox Trim Hood

Fur trimming around hood

Real fur accessories brighten up your mood & look on even the dullest of days. From fur wraps & shawls, scarves, to earmuffs, you’re sure to find the perfect cold-weather companion. These Fur Clothing Accessories made in several fur types and colors that will go great with anything! Whether you’re looking for a fur headband to keep your head warm or to accentuate that fancy work outfit.

If you have a Timberland jacket, North Face Jacket or Columbia jacket, replace the faux fur trim with real fur.

Stop cold weather in its tracks. Designed with an ultra-luxe faux fur lined collar, sleek silhouette, and attached hood, this parka is bound to shield you from the harshest of elements without sacrificing style.

To change your existing fur trim, just unzip the fake fur trim and send it to Marc Kaufman Furs at the following address.

Marc Kaufman Furs

212 West 30th St

NY NY 10001

212 563 3877