Fur Coat Jackets Chicago Illinois Survive Winter

Managing the Cold Winters of Chicago

1.  A Fur Coat is a Necessity

There is a good reason that animals live in the snow need a good fur coat that can consist of an undercoat and outer fur to keep warm. This important adaptation keeps their body temperature constant. Likewise, you’ll probably need to have a warm, soft fur coat, fashionable fur  to survive those brisk, windy winter days.

Where did JLo buy her fur coat Hustler Movie?

Where did JLo buy her fur coat Hustler Movie?

A fur is a must in Chicago. If you have family or friends in the area, then perhaps you can ask to borrow an extra coat for the winter. My friend was kind enough last year to “loan” me one of her fur coat…I’m pretty sure she’s aware that I’ll be using it these next few months, but so far she hasn’t asked for it back yet! In fur,  you will look stylish and keep well insulated.

Fur Coats are not cheap; a good can coat from $1000-$10,000, but their well worth it.  The best deals can be found online at Marc Kaufman Furs or on the sales racks in Saks or Bloomingdale in the Chicago area.

There are plenty of things to do in the winter in Chicago.  Make sure you dress war, don’t forget your fur coat, fur hat and warm down mittens. Once you are fashioned for warmth, you will be perfectly fine.