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“It’s Time to Put the Furs Away” – A Call of the Spring!

Want to enjoy the warmth, beauty, and luxury of your furs for many years? Optimal fur storage is the answer. Furs have great value sentimentally and financially, making them a statement in and of itself. If you’re someone who owns furs, we highly recommend using a “professional fur storage.” Nevertheless, you can also store some of your clothing items at home occasionally.

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Importance of Cleaning and Reconditioning Fur Coats

Keep in mind that furs can last for ages if you take care of them properly. Buying a fur coat is an investment. You must take care of the following aspects:

  1. Always store your fur coat during the warm season but never at a dry cleaner’s shop.
  2. Spending actively to retain the quality and condition of furs is always a good idea.
  3. Furs never go out-of-date. Thus, you should ensure that your coat looks as new for as long as possible.
  4. If you buy a vintage fur coat, always ensure a complete inspection of that coat.
  5. Never purchase a vintage fur coat online without physically inspecting it.

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Why should you consider fur coat resale shops for fur storage? A good furrier would always have a storage facility to keep fur coats at the range of 45-55% humidity with complementary 10-15C (50-60F) – the ideal conditions for storing furs. On the contrary, you can also store furs at home, but you would need to be extra careful. So, without further ado, let’s discuss both these approaches in the section below.

Storing Furs with A Professional Retail Furrier

The most optimal way of ensuring the durability of furs is to professionally clean and store them. You can contact your local furrier and make sure that the storage is available during the off-season. A local furrier can guarantee that the storage vault offers temperature and humidity control creating ideal conditions to store the fur coats. Contact us today to avail our excellent fur coat storage services at cost-effective prices. There are certain things that you need to take care of, which include:

  1. Never moth-proof your fur. Storing fur coats in professional storage during the summer months helps reduce the seasonal moth damage.
  2. You can either take your sable mink coat to the retail furrier or contact them for complimentary pick-up.
  3. Never allow accessories such as handbags and shoulder bag straps to rub against your fur coat.
  4. Never tuck any jewelry such as pins or flowers on your fur coat.
  5. Always ensure that your coats undergo special cleaning, glazing, and conditioning methods before storage.
Premium Fur Storage Vaults

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Reasons Why You Should Choose a Retail Furrier

The main reasons for preferring fur storage with a retail professional, especially during the summer season, include the following:

  1. A professional furrier will provide you with a storage vault that has ideal fur storage conditions. Ideal conditions are within the 50-60F range and 50% average humidity.
  2. Retail furriers will actively inspect your fur coat at the season’s end. They examine and repair the missing buttons, minor tears, worn spots, and similar damages before they affect your coat’s value.
  3. A retail furrier will clean your fur coat professionally. Stop worrying about the oil spots around the neckline and minor dirt particles that might be damaging. You can count on our professional cleaning for fur-brilliancy restoration.

Primary Pointers for Professional Fur Storage

Despite all the reasons and recommendations, certain factors outline the usage of professional fur storage. These factors include the following:

  1. Furs are organic. If you do not store them in a controlled environment, then they will decay over time.
  2. Artificially controlled humidity and temperature can guarantee the high durability of fur coats.
  3. A fur coat, if provided with optimal care and conditioning, can last for generations.
  4. If you do not condition and store furs in controlled vaults, they will dry out quickly because they are organic.
  5. Leather linings need restoration. This process does not shrink, change, or discolor the furs or the leather.

Storing Furs at Home During the Off-Season

Suppose you have a vintage fur coat that isn’t in its best condition. Or maybe you do not have any professional furrier nearby. In such cases, people often look for substitutes to keep their fur coats in good condition. One such replacement is to store fur coats at home. However, it isn’t possible to recreate the controlled temperature and humidity in your home closet. Thus, you always need to be proactive while storing fur coats at home. If you are unable to do this, contact us now and avail our premium storage services.


Professional Fur Storage

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Storing Furs at Home – Starter Pack

One should take a few initial steps to proactively keep up the fur coats’ quality while choosing home storage. Fur coats are a valuable investment.

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Fur coats are not as simple as putting away your streamlined winter garments. You should adhere to certain tricks and guidelines. Let us have a look at them:

  1. Always ensure that the storage settings are not humid or damp.
  2. Always store furs in a place where there is no direct sunlight or heat.
  3. Protect your furs using a cotton garment bag. Never use plastic bags.
  4. Always hang the furs in a free environment. Stuffing can result in a moldy lining.
  5. Always use a proper coat hanger. It will help in retaining the shape of your coat.

Ensure Healthy Fur Quality In-Home Storage

You should always choose a proper place for fur coat storage. A fur coat storage must have the following characteristics:

  1. It should not be warm. There should not be any direct sunlight.
  2. It should not be damp or humid. You must avoid basements.
  3. It should not be a cramped place. Avoid using garages as storage vaults.
  4. It should be spacious. It is best to use hallways.
  5. There must be an adequate air supply. Avoid plastic wrapping.

Keep Moths Away from Your Fur Coat

There are several domestic tips and tricks to ensure moths stay away from your fur coat. Consider the following guidelines:

  1. Use breathable garment bags to wrap the fur coat.
  2. Use correct coat hangers for your furs.
  3. Place lavender sachets in the storage space.
  4. Do not use mothballs. Its smell is difficult to take out of the furs.
  5. Hang removable items such as scarves and parka trims separately.