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New Fur Coat Trends for 2021

Winter is not over yet. You must still think about ways to keep yourself warm when you go outdoors. Staying warm is just one of the many perks of wearing fur coats. If you’re a fashion lover, it is crucial that you don’t lose sight of new trends. We recommend you adopt the latest trends as they come and try out some stylish fur coats. This new year has brought people hope because we all know how challenging 2020 was. With hope comes style. You should try out a few new trends this year. So, revamp your look now!

Why Should You Wear Fur in 2021?

Some people wonder what’s so great about fur. Let’s look at the primary reasons why people love fur, and then we’ll discuss new fur coat trends for 2021.

Warmth and Comfort

There is no doubt about the fact that fur coats are ideal for harsh climates. Whether you live in New York City or up in Alaska, fur coats can protect you in the freezing temperatures. Natural fur is an incredible insulating material, and it traps your body’s heat to keep you cozy. No wonder animals can easily survive outdoors in severe weather conditions.

Furthermore, synthetic materials are sometimes not comfortable. They may make you sweat. On the other hand, fur is soft and refreshes your skin. Indeed, wearing a fur coat will take you through chilly days comfortably.

Looks and Style

Fur coats surely transform your looks and style. If you’re the kind of person, who loves to grab attention and make heads turn in your direction, wear a fur coat. You will have an impressive first impression on people if you wear a fur coat to a party. It doesn’t matter what gender you are. The trend of fur coats is for everyone.

Moreover, furs can actually be made to resonate with your personality. Click here if you want to read more about choosing a fur coat that fits your personality.

Luxury and Status

There is no denying that natural fur is expensive. However, it is a valuable investment and a symbol of luxury and status. If you have one in your wardrobe, consider yourself royal. Wearing one of our coats will make people look up to you.

Just the feel of wearing a coat can elevate your self-confidence. It can enhance the way you carry yourself. For many people, having a pelt wrapped around their neck signifies their strength and control.

Fur is Timeless

Do you think that fur is out of style? If yes, then you’re wrong. Fur coats are part of what we call “timeless fashion.” Fashion trends are usually temporary, but fur is evergreen. It has been an icon of style for a countless number of years and will remain so in the years to come. These coats are usually passed down through generations. It’s not surprising if you still have your great grandmother’s fur coat with you.

The fur is exceptionally durable if it is taken care of properly. Click here if you want to learn how to properly care for your fur coat during the offseason and make them last longer.

Fur is Versatile

One reason why fur will never go out of style is its versatility. There is not an outfit in the world that will not complement a fur coat. Also, there isn’t an event where a fur coat would be inappropriate to wear. It can be carried properly from even a party to a funeral; all occasions are for fur coats. If you own more than one fur coat, you can keep switching if you get bored. We can assure you that others won’t ever get enough of seeing you in fur.

Read more about how technology is gradually increasing the versatility of fur here.


5 New Fur Coat Trends

  1. Full-length Russian Sable Coat

Investing in a Full-length Russian Sable Coat will be worth it. You will look extremely stylish wearing it. Feel the soft fur melt in your palms when you put them inside your pockets. A full-length coat has its own style. There’s no limit to the class it’ll bring to your looks.

Sables are well known for their gorgeous fur. Thus, many countries, including the United States and Canada, breed them, but Russian Sables are the most popular. A unique quality of sable fur is that it retains its smoothness when stroked in any direction.

Full-length Russian Sable Coat

Alt image text: A women flaunting her full length Russian Sable fur coat that makes her heels look even better

  1. Full-Length Ranch Mink Coat

The chinchilla cur tuxedo trim and chinchilla collar cuffs in this fur coat give a different feel to it. This Full-Length Ranch Mink Coat is beautiful and will look stunning on any outfit. Furthermore, black will bring glamour to your outfit. Wear it to impress your friends.

Mink fur is the most sought-after type as it is soft and has small hairs, making it very fashionable these days. It is one of the most durable types, so you won’t have to replace it for a long time.

Full-length Ranch Mink Coat

At image text: A woman is wearing Full-Length Ranch Mink Coat with chinchilla cur tuxedo trim and chinchilla collar cuffs

  1. Pink Fox Coat Shawl Collar

Pink has its own beauty. When the days are dull, bring some energy with this bright pink fox coat. Its magnificent look combined with its cuddly feel make you adore yourself. Others will also see you in a better light when you’re wearing this coat.

Fox fur is known for its luxurious look. It is incredibly fluffy, so it is one of the most comfortable choices. If you prefer long hair fur coats, then fox fur will be just right.

Pink Fox Coat Shawl Collar

Alt image text: Woman looks stunning wearing a pink fox coat that is extremely comfortable to wear on the coldest of days

  1. Canadian Lynx Coat

Jennifer Lopez showcased this amazing Canadian Lynx Coat in the movie Hustlers in 2019. Since then, it has become an icon of style. This ravishing Lynx coat will make you look beautiful. White is a color that symbolizes purity, innocence, and luck. Moreover, this full-length lynx coat is the pinnacle of class.

Lynx fur is the most exotic type of cat fur used for clothing. Canadian lynxes survive in the threatening weather as their fur is thick and warm. Humans can take advantage of this and use the fur for their own clothing.

Canadian Lynx Coat

Alt image text: A woman gives a royal look after cladding the full length Canadian Lynx Coat

  1. Men’s Chinchilla Coat 

You are mistaken if you believe style is only for women. Men can also revamp their looks by adopting new trends. Chinchilla coats are in style because of the fashionable and vintage look they give. You can wear them to almost any occasion without feeling out of place.

Chinchilla fur is incredibly soft and appealing. It is one of the most luxurious types of fur. It is supple and light-weight, enabling you to carry yourself better and feel comfortable.

Men’s Chinchilla Coat

Alt image text: A man gives a masculine look after wearing a Men’s Chinchilla Coat

To Sum it All Up

Marc Kaufman offers a massive variety of fur clothing. We use all the major types of pelts in our products. Now that you’ve understood the new fur coat trends for 2021, it time to check out our products and see what you like. It’s essential that you choose wisely because real fur isn’t going to cost you pennies. Match your purchase to your personality and the latest trends in the industry, and feel all eyes on yourself!