Joe Namath Michael Strahan Marc Kaufman Furs Celebrity Furrier

Joe Namath Michael Strahan Marc Kaufman Furrier

Furs have an air of exclusivity. Furs, the ultimate finishing touch for just about any ensemble. They wreak of celebrity status. They do. The politics aside, they are genuinely a status symbol of success and Hollywood glamour. Celebrities in fur is like a hot dog at a baseball game; in a game, you need the dog, and in winter they need their winter wardrobe.

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Marc Kaufman has been at the leading edge of representative furs adorned by the celebrity establishment in the United States. Peruse our sites at Kaufman online, www.facebook.com/marckaufman ,www.instagram.com/marckaufmannyc .

Look for the next celebrity fur installments at Marc Kaufman


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