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2016 is the year of the contemporary fur. The winter season is in full swing and the collective fashion consciousness gears towards clothing articles that generate warmth and  glamour.The fur enters stage right.Marc Kaufman Furs continues to push the envelope on the fur lifestyle.Our followers are legion and are ever growing.Our collection of coats has grown exponentially in style and color patterns. The fits are even more precise.The statements are bold.

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Furs rock in 2016. Review the Marc Kaufman Furs at Kaufmanfursonline. Fur content continues to rock on our social media sites at  Facebook and Instagram. Our intention is to completely surround you with the Marc Kaufman fur experience every minute of the day. Our high quality furs and competitive pricing set us apart from other furriers.

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Finally,to reiterate,furs rock in 2016. Even our friends over at Rogue Music Store agree (how else do you think we got the guitar in insert pic number 2 ?). So we wade into 2016 full of excitement and a ton of hot looking furs for all shapes,sizes,and occasions.Men,women and children comprise our customer base.If we do not have it,we can make it on premises at our NYC sales store at 212 w30th street,NY,NY.Come in and see us and rock out with a fur( or two,or three). Marc Kaufman Furs is your destination fur store for the ultimate fur experience.

Marc Kaufman Furs, 212 w30th street,NY,NY,10001, 212-563-3387 Best Furs

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