Celebrity sightings are a paranormal experience for quite a few people . It is surreal for many. Here this person stands. Sport,entertainment,political…no matter the figure, it is an endorphin rush for the populace who follow such individuals. Albeit,they are still merely flesh and bone,as are we all,there is a certain reverence afforded them in many corners.This reverence is born out of an overwhelming adoration for their respective bodies of work in their given fields. The global fashion community seeks out such celebrity sightings as a form of validation for their apparel contributions to the masses. Simply put,the celebrity in question wears apparel from a designer of said apparel.The celebrity is photographed wearing the apparel item in question. The photograph is published in various media formats.The designer is mentioned.The masses now connect the designer as an apparel power broker of note.The rest is validation supreme.All of this based on a celebrity sighting in any given wardrobe ensemble or item. A recent example of this,would be boxer Tyson Fury sporting a men’s chinchilla fur stroller designed and manufactured by renowned furrier Marc Kaufman in the USA. See the image below from the Daily Mirror in the UK.

Celebrity Sightings

Celebrity Fashion Tyson Fury chinchilla coatscelebrities in furs, celebrity wearing furs, c


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